Training and continuing education

Training and continuing education

Education across the board 

Training and continuing education options are a priority for us in these times of transformation and internationalisation. For this reason, the REHAU ACADEMY added numerous interesting courses to its programme in 2013 and 2014.

Individualised advancement – open for all: Life-long learning is a principle that REHAU has supported and promoted since its founding. Our philosophy includes a commitment to enabling our employees to continuously improve their personal and professional skills and capabilities. With the assistance of the REHAU ACADEMY, line managers take responsibility for identifying and supporting the personal capabilities and potential of their employees. Through instruments such as the REHAU competence model, change management courses, leadership workshops or individual business coaching, we support our employees and managers in their efforts to master growing challenges and enhance their skills. Standardised compulsory courses in all plants also help to ensure that we achieve our globally applicable product quality standards. Here we aim to redouble our efforts in the future: our development programmes for our young employees will be even more international in the near future and expanded to include specialist career paths as an alternative career path.

This helps us create an environment from which everyone benefits: our employees are more satisfied and even better qualified – and we build expertise in a targeted fashion. This enables us to react flexibly to changing conditions, learn more quickly as a community and find the right, innovative solutions.

Diversity for managers: New structure, new courses: To ensure that the objectives of the re-oriented group structure have their intended effects as quickly as possible and changed processes proceed as smoothly as possible, we expanded the course offerings of the REHAU ACADEMY in 2013 and 2014 to meet those needs. For managers, a global set of courses and an educational landscape adapted to local requirements is available. The programme offers training courses and workshops on current and REHAU-relevant management competences. New and experienced managers can select from a series of topics and modules that build on each other systematically. For example, the new course “Managing Diversity – Diversity Training for Managers” also covers dealing successfully with the changed structures as many teams are working in a new, global composition. In this training course, managers learn to identify diversity and potential in their teams and to make the best possible use of them for the success of the group. Other seminars that deal with the group structure include “Change Management” and “Intercultural Sensitivity”. In the future, we will train our managers even better: in 2015 and 2016, they will be trained to conduct regular, standardised competence and potential assessments with employees in order to determine what they need and how they can continue to develop. This benefits all employees as well our company. 

Further information can be found in our sustainability report on page 41!