Covestro - REHAU Advanced Material Design & Application Competition

Champion team with special guests

Champion team with special guests: Prof. Zhijun Wu, Deputy Dean of School of Undergraduates, Tongji University (The first right), Bjoern Skogum, President of Covestro China (The middle one), Nils Wagner, CEO of REHAU Greater China and Co-CEO of REHAU Asia Pacific (The first left)

On January 9th, 2018, REHAU together with Covestro, a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials, Tongji University, jointly announced the final results of the 2017 Covestro-REHAU Advance Material Design & Application Competition. Seven projects from total 73 entries were awarded for their innovative market oriented application ideas and design. The competition is designed to inspire students to explore cross-disciplinary innovations, while providing them with a platform to apply professional knowledge and skills to market applications.

We are thrilled to join hands with Covestro and Tongji University in this exciting and meaningful competition, by providing market insights to encourage young generation pursue unlimited innovation to improve people’s living quality worldwide,” said Nils Wagner, “At Rehau, we bear responsibility as an employer and stakeholder in a global society by supporting the development of environmentally sound solutions throughout the value chain and product lifecycle.”

Over the last three months, the competition attracted over 260 students from 12 schools in Tongji University to participate. Student innovators were encouraged to unleash their curiosity and courage to explore innovative material applications using polyurethane-based composites based on systematic analysis of the market. After a holistic evaluation of creativity, feasibility and applicability of all projects submitted, seven top teams whose projects cover areas including construction, transportation and household articles, were awarded with the Integrated Intelligent Light Pole Series project team claiming the first place.

Representatives from REHAU, Covestro and Tongji University together with the winners of the 2017 Covestro-REHAU Advance Material Design & Application Competition.

Champion project: Smart light pole

Leo Liu, project leader of the champion team said, “The competition challenged us to push the boundaries to seek material solutions for light pole, an important but often neglected infrastructure in our daily lives, with better safety, durability performance, processing efficiency and cost, as well as compatibility with intelligent technologies. I believe every great invention was sparked by little ideas. The infinite potential of application awaits more innovators of the young generation to explore together.”

Winning projects will be offered opportunities to be further developed in terms of applications and commercialization. A winning team from the 2016 competition was funded by the Covestro-Tongji Innovation Academy to establish their own start-up focusing on window and door applications.

“Tongji University, together with Covestro and Rehau, is committed to fostering innovation capabilities among students to support China’s transformation into an innovation-driven economy, ” said Prof. Zhijun Wu, Deputy Dean of School of Undergraduates, Tongji University. “The tri-party industry-academia partnership has provided our students with an all-round incubator inspired to connect theory with practical needs.”


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