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RAUSIKKO System Chamber

Chamber systems play a vital role in percolation units and carry out various roles. The RAUSIKKO C3 system chamber, which can be directly integrated into the infiltration or the retention unit, is a real multifunctional all rounder. This easy and space saving.

In addition to this, the system chamber combines addition to this, the system chamber combines it can connect to pipes of dimensions ranging from DN 250 to 500 as well as a direct connection to the RAUSIKKO box cleaning channel DN 250. On the other hand, an inspection camera can be easily inserted into it for a regular inspection of the connected RAUSIKKO Boxes. 

In addition to this, the boxes can be high-pressure rinsed easily through him.

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RAUSIKKO Sedimentation Units

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The protection of the groundwater and the ground is of utmost importance during percolation of stormwater. The dirt particle sand hazardous substances contained in percolation water must be effectively retained before they can reach the soak away or the soil. The conventional method to percolate the stormwater via the activated ground zone is often not possible due to the amount of space required. In these cases, systems, which have to be installed underground, are required.

RAUSIKKO sedimentation plants working safely and effectively are also easy to maintain and can also be installed underneath surfaces with heavy traffic load. The cleaning performance of RAUSIKKO plants has been confirmed by an independent testing institute.


Smooth, uninterrupted and permanent functioning of block systems for rainwater percolation is a basic prerequisite for the sustainability of a storm water management system. This was borne in mind when designing the RAUSIKKO Box system. Depending on the requirement, the box can be fitted with an integrated distribution, inspection and cleaning channel with staggered slots to achieve a even distribution of water across the entire block system.

It can be flushed with up to 120 bar and clearly separates the sedimentation from the percolation zone. impurities settle in the sedimentation zone, the water, which is evenly distributed across the staggered slots reaches the percolation zone of the infiltration unit. This prevents the geotextile filter surrounding the infiltration unit from blocking, which enables a long-term and failure-free function of the system.

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