Disc Saddle

Technical Description

REHAU has developed the disc saddle lock connection to speed up installation:

  • Snap-on fastener for fast installation and removal when reqiured
  • No risk of loosening of aerator
  • No tool required
DescriptionEffective L/Dia (mm)Art. No. (with groove)Suitable Pipe Size
Disc Saddle OD88.9OD88.9417081.00688.9mm
Disc Saddle OD90OD90417003.00690mm
Disc Saddle OD110OD110417005.006110mm
Disc Saddle OD114.3OD114.3417111.006114.3mm

318-D018_152047_0 - 152047
318-D025_164601_0 - 164601
318-D026_164600_0 - 164600
318-D032_164594_0 - 164594
318-D028_164598_0 - 164598
318-D031_164595_0 - 164595


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