Insulated Support System

Decades of proven performance

The first supports delivered to metro Munich in 1975 are still in use today, after more than 30 years of service. The system has passed many tests performed by TUV 1)

Our supports for Berlin’s S-Bahn is approved by the Deutsche Bahn (DB) AG.

Maintenance free

REHAU polymer products are maintenance free. The material is resistant to all chemicals used in the operation of underground / suburban rail systems.

Excellent insulation and reliability

REHAU GRP insulator claw is fully electrically insulating and acts as both a claw as well as an insulator, increasing reliability in the system.

Adjustable Support

Vertically adjustable up to 64mm, REHAU insulated support can compensate the difference in height of varying site conditions and all kinds of ramp situations.

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Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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