Protective Cover System

Limitless REHAU know-how

REHAU has been supplying conductor rail covers in various materials, production processes, designs and colours. For more than four decades, together with our customers, we have developed the best solutions for specific applications. Our wealth of know-how is available to you for new developments.

REHAU offers insulated rail support and protective cover systems for all contact systems.

Self-extinguishing systems

REHAU polymer products is developed using material with fire-extinguishing properties which retards any accidental flame, preventing propagation of fire.

Weather proof

REHAU insulated support and protective cover system is developed to withstand different climatic and working conditions. It is tested in different climates and weather conditions. Our systems are suitable for both outside and tunnel applications, with extreme sun, rain or snow condition, with no additional finishing required.

Anti-slide spacer

The specially designed REHAU spacer grips firmly to the conductor rail preventing the spacer from sliding, thereby ensuring the cover is always securely fixed but allowing the cover to contract and expand under changing weather conditions.

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