REHAU Publishes Third Sustainability Report as Online Version


REHAU publishes third sustainability report as online version

Next Generation: Smart vehicle spoilers, as developed by REHAU, offer functions that go far beyond improved aerodynamics. In its latest Sustainability Report, the company presents forward-looking projects for a smart and clean world.

For the third year in a row, REHAU publishes its sustainability report: An international publication that shows how the company handles its environmental, economic and social responsibility and outlines its goals for the coming years. The latest report on Corporate Social Responsibility is also published by REHAU on a voluntary basis. What is new is that information on environmental issues, working environments and economic growth can be easily retrieved with just a click.

"Online publication allows us to not only save natural resources, because printed copies are no longer required. We are also in touch with current trends," says Dr. Stefan Girschik, Deputy CEO, whose responsibilities include sustainability and digital transformation of the REHAU Group. Sustainability and digitization are inseparable challenges for companies of our time, says Girschik.

Dr. Stefan Girschik: Deputy CEO REHAU Group: "Sustainability and digitization are inseparable challenges for companies of our time."

The contents of the CSR report clearly demonstrate that the polymer specialist resolutely faces up to these social and economic challenges: Based on the company values of trust, reliability and innovation, the user is navigated through the menu. This opens up a variety of ways into the REHAU world - through successful environmental balances, measures to implement the sustainability strategy as well as ambitious future strategies, such as the REHAU 2020 initiative. This is about the vision and the mission of the company and about strategic fields of action, which REHAU describes as "smartify", "focus", "simplify" and "inspire". The ultimate goal is to continue writing the company's own success story and to generate sustainable growth, inspired by new ideas and the opportunities of digital transformation. The preface states: "As a forward-looking family company, we firmly believe in the fact that sustainable management will provide many advantages for us and our partners, also in the long run." And further: "For this reason, our thoughts and actions are aligned with long-term goals instead of short-term profits."

For the third time, REHAU uses its own sustainability report to express the importance of corporate responsibility in all aspects of economics, ecology and sociology, and credibly conveys its commitment to its own ambitious goals. The report is available at:


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