Technology under the turf


REHAU turf heating will ensure perfect playing conditions in the World Cup stadiums

Soon the FIFA World Cup will be kicked off in Russia. REHAU is involved as well because in eight out of twelve stadiums turf heating and other polymer systems of the company ensure the best of conditions.

The countdown is on! The 21st FIFA World Cup will finally be starting on the June 14, 2018. It will be hosted by Russia this time, spread across eleven locations in a total of twelve world cup stadiums. Those responsible for eight stadiums have opted for REHAU’s turf heating so that top playing conditions also prevail there at any time. RAUTHERM pipes have been installed below the grass roots over a total of 64,000 square meters and now reliably warm up the lawn in winter. Vice versa, they can also cool in case of high temperatures in summer.

Even heat distribution

The Railfix technology is used by REHAU when laying the polymer pipes. In the process, special rails make sure that the pipes and heating circuits are inserted precisely as planned, ensuring an even heat distribution. The pipes are laid about 25 centimeters below the turf, and thus are protected against damage. The grass of the pitch can be tilled deeply without any problems without the risk of damaging the pipes. The connections and the pipes themselves are designed in such a way that damage or even a leak is ruled out without external action.

In addition, the pre-insulated Tichelmann distribution system reduces heat losses and causes verifiably less operating costs compared to a non-insulated system. Therefore the intelligent control system of the heating operates in the so-called low temperature range with a maximum value of about +2 deg. Celsius at the lawn surface. This low temperature has the advantage that the consumption of primary energy is low, and damage of the turf is prevented.

Apart from the turf heating, drinking water and heating pipes from REHAU as well as underfloor heating in the function rooms in most World Cup stadiums ensure the best of conditions even outside the playing field.

Active in Russia for more than twenty years

Since 1995, REHAU has been active in Russia and employs about 600 workers there. In 2005, the company opened a plant to the east of Moscow for the production of window and door profiles made of PVC, the second largest of the company worldwide. Products of REHAU can be found at numerous prominent spots in Russia, for example, below the pedestrian zone of Moscow Manege, the exhibition hall near the walls of the Kremlin. Below the surface there are about thirty kilometers of pipes, in which hot water circulates, and heats up the paving stones less expensively than conventional electricity-powered heating. Thus, in winter the paths are free of snow and dirt, entirely without de-icing salt and chemistry.

In a joint project with the German-Russian Chamber of Foreign Trade, REHAU at present is one of about 35 producing German companies in Russia participating in a performance show of German industry in the run-up to the 2018 World Cup. Apart from an online presentation (, the project also includes a photo exhibition for several weeks in the best central location of the Moscow’s Arbat pedestrian zone.

REHAU offers forward-looking and holistic solutions for sustainable construction and modernization. The focus here is on subjects such as energy-efficient construction, the use of renewable energies and water management. REHAU is a strong partner to its customers, with sophisticated system solutions and comprehensive service offers in the areas of windows, building technology and civil engineering. With around 20,000 employees at over 170 locations, the independent, family-owned company seeks to be close to the market and the customer worldwide.


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