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Official opening ceremony

Opening of new production hall for conductor rails at the headquarters in Rehau


During a small ceremony last Friday, polymer specialist REHAU officially handed over a newly built production hall. At the company's headquarters in Rehau, Upper Franconia, a 4,000 sqm hall for the production of conductor rails has been built over the past 15 months. As Dr. Ralf Dingeldein, Head of the Industrial Solutions Division and member of the Executive Board of REHAU Industries, emphasised in his welcoming speech in front of invited guests from politics and business, the President of the REHAU Group, Dr. Veit Wagner, the construction companies involved, the members of the management from various subgroups and more than 60 employees, the new building is a guarantee for continued stable corporate growth, but also a fundamental step in the further development of the Railway Solutions Division. "We have not only further expanded our competitiveness, but also our ability to deliver," Dingeldein said.

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The manufacture of conductor rails, also known as "third rail", is, in simple terms, a metal carrier that runs alongside the tracks and conducts the electrical energy from the substations via current collectors to the trains. Now you might think that an industrial product of this kind is not a highly engineered product, but REHAU rail systems are individually designed and manufactured to extremely tight tolerances for each project. The result is a robust and extremely durable system that offers customers the greatest possible security for fault-free operation.

The new building, with an investment of around five million euros, makes it possible to optimise the manufacturing processes and to react accordingly to the steadily increasing order intake. New machines have been added to the existing production facilities, and the production and storage capacities have been significantly increased or doubled. In addition to the ultra-modern production facilities, the hall also provides sufficient space for administration, manufacturing and logistics, as well as new changing rooms and break rooms.

Dingeldein commented on this as follows: "Not only the hall and the machinery it contains are first-class. Our workplaces also meet the highest standards of safety and ergonomics. When installing clever lifting devices and state-of-the-art extraction systems, we had the well-being of our employees just as much in mind as when installing new kitchenettes."

The member of the management thanked the employees who will be working here in production in the future, the Wagner family of owners for their willingness to invest and the construction companies for an accident-free construction site and smooth execution.
Christoph Okon, who has been managing the Rehau plants with great commitment since 2022 and is now also taking over the management of the new OXONIUM III production site, invited the guests to take a tour of the new production hall. This allowed the visitors to see for themselves that REHAU relies on forward-looking environmental technologies that promise to give it a head start in terms of efficiency and resource conservation. The latest project is the new photovoltaic system on the hall, so that production has an autonomous energy supply virtually supplied from the roof.

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