RAUVOLET vetro-line tambour doors

RAUVOLET vetro-line tambour doors

The allure of glass

The innovative RAUVOLET vetro-line glass tambour door system represents the highest level of kitchen design, and brings the allure of glass into your kitchen. Its sleek track system and sophisticated real glass slats, mounted flush to the vertical pelmet, makes it the highlight of any room.

The slats are made from tempered safety glass, making them highly durable, low maintenance and scratch-proof. At 50 mm wide, these stunning slats create a harmonious, seamless front panel. The frame profiles for this tambour door cabinet system, available in cool aluminium, stainless steel or in onyx black, are a perfect complement to the RAUVOLET vetro-line, emphasising its high-end look.

Its stunning use of glass isn’t the only thing that sets RAUVOLET vetro-line apart; its exceptionally easy to install and has a smooth opening mechanism.

Why choose RAUVOLET vetro-line?

The RAUVOLET vetro-line tambour door system combines the stunning looks of real glass with all the advantages of a polymer-based tambour door, making it much easier to install and use than a standard tambour door.

Colour matched glass handles

For a harmonious overall look

Delicate design

Sue to narrower guide rail widths

Flush-mounted glass tambour doors

For a sophisticated interior design

Genuine glass slats

Ensure a high quality look as well as high load stability

Simple installation

Using a ‘plug & play’ system

Easy ordering

With no minimum order quantities


RAUVOLET vetro-line tambour doors
RAUVOLET vetro-line tambour doors
RAUVOLET vetro-line tambour doors










* with side dot-matrix pattern


ApplicationFor vertical use
Mechanism‘Plug & Play’ cassette system
AccessoriesStainless steel, aluminium, onyx black
Board thickness    16 mm, 18/19 mm
ProfileCover width: 50 mm
Standard set dimensions    600 x 1,000 mm
600 x 1,500 mm
900 x 1,000 mm
900 x 1,500 mm
Minimum installation depth296 mm
Installation height
(incl. ceiling panel)

up to 1,000 mm: 173 mm
up to 1,500 mm: 216 mm


Assembly and installation

For full installation details, consult our assembly instructions.


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