BES Mini Trunking


Protective zone for added safety

Your ideal choice for installing cables in particularly rough environments.
The housing made from sheet steel is extremely robust and can withstand even tough industrial conditions.

  • Robust material: Mechanical and thermal load-bearing capacity, non-combustible, UV-resistant
  • VDE-approved earthing system ensures the cordless potential equalisation between the upper and lower parts
  • Even after repeated opening and closing of the upper part of the trunking, the potential equalisation remains
  • Standard base perforation

BES mini:

  • Direct contact via earthing coupling (conductive connection between the lower and upper part of the trunking, simultaneous conductive connection and joint connection between individual lower parts)
  • Earthing coupling additionally fulfils the function of a cable retaining clip


  • Direct contact via earthing coupling (conductive connection and mechanical joint connection between individual lower parts)
  • Conductive connection of the lower to the upper trunking part via the earthing clip
  • Moulding including pre-fabricated retaining lugs for the lock-in connection to the upper trunking part without any problems
  • Snap-on single partition wall made from sheet steel
  • Earthing of the steel partition wall using an earthing clip



  • Sheet steel is the perfect solution for increased resistance levels
  • Cordless potential equalisation between the lower parts and through to the upper part using the VDE-tested direct contact
  • Unlimited operating reliability
  • Easy, quick and safe: No assistance tool, no time-consuming work by hand, no space-consuming earthing wires
  • The physical network safety against disruptive influences to the IT infrastructure is ensured via the energy supply network
  • Minimum distance within the transmission route between the energy and data cables due to a metal partition wall

Product Range

Product Range

  • Material: Sheet steel to DIN EN 10142
  • Supply length: 2,000 mm
  • Dimensions:
    • BES mini: 20/20, 20/40, 40/40
    • BES: 40/60, 60/60, 60/100, 60/150, 60/200, 60/250
  • Supplied colours:
    • Surface galvanised powder coated white (RAL9010)
      (RAL 9010)
    • Other colours (powder coating to RAL card) on request
    • BES mini only available in pure white (similar to RAL 9010)
  • Delivery format: Lower and upper trunking part packed as a set