The universal system for drinking water and heating.

Cavity-free spaces and sealed with no O-rings thanks to the compression sleeve jointing technology, the lead-free universal system provides perfectly hygienic drinking water – and makes for satisfied customers.


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Whether it’s new construction, renovation, a detached house or a commercial complex, you’re perfectly prepared for almost every contingency with the universal polymer RAUTITAN plumbing system. This is ensured by the flexible 16 to 40 mm RAUTITAN flex pipes, the rigid 16 to 63 mm RAUTITAN stabil pipes, matching fittings and compression sleeves, and the sophisticated RAUTOOL tool range.

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Thanks to our EverlocTM compression sleeve jointing technology, RAUTITAN is leak-tight with no O-rings.

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Fast installation

Simple visual inspection of the joint.


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All drinking water system fittings are lead-free gunmetal, ensuring the highest standards of drinking water quality.


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High performance

Minimal bore reduction from the fitting when the pipe is expanded.


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Optimal hygiene

Independently certified cavity-free joint preventing the build up of residue.

RAUTITAN flex green

The sustainable universal pipe: more than 90% CO2 savings in the manufacturing process. Our new drinking water and heating pipe, RAUTITAN flex green, is based on renewable, bio-based raw materials and can help you achieve your sustainability targets. It not only allows you to conserve fossil fuels, but also significantly reduces your carbon footprint.

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The system for drinking water and heating at a glance

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1 - 1073698

RAUTITAN stabil with Class B fire rated insulation

Manufactured to BS EN 13501-1:2018 Fire classification of construction products and building elements

2 - 1073697


Multi-layer plastic composite pipes
12–63 mm

3 - 1073696


PE-Xa pipes
16–40 mm

4 - 1073695


Thread fittings made of lead-free gunmetal

5 - 1073694


Compression sleeves made of PVDF

6 - 1073693


Fittings made of PPSU

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Tried and tested in practice

This pipe system and jointing technology have been in use for over 30 years in more than 50 countries. To date, over 1 billion compression sleeve joints have been manufactured.

The added value of RAUTITAN

On the safe side. Always.

Uncompromisingly leak-tight. Safely installed. Absolutely durable.

With no O-rings and thanks to the compression sleeve jointing technology, RAUTITAN reduces the risk of faulty seals and connections significantly.

Uncompromisingly leak-tight – sealed with no O-rings.

With its pipes, fittings, and compression sleeves, RAUTITAN creates a permanently sealed joint – completely with no O-rings, as the pipe itself is the sealant. The installation can withstand pressure loads immediately.

The animation shows: Compared to other jointing technology, RAUTITAN uses no O-rings, has cavity-free spaces, and has no cross-section constrictions.

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Simple visual check – even before the pressure test

If the compression sleeve is pressed right up to the fitting collar, the connection is leak-tight. No manual test markings are needed, which saves valuable time.

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Robust and durable

With inliners of interlaced polyethylene, RAUTITAN is perfectly prepared for the tough conditions at the construction site. Comprehensive checks during production and regular tests by independent testing institutes guarantee consistently reliable quality.

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Low risk of kinking, but still flexible

For small dimensions in particular, RAUTITAN compels with significantly reduced risk of kinking. And yet, RAUTITAN can simply be bent by hand without any further tools, even at low temperatures.

A clean affair.

Cavity-free. Lead-free. Future-proof. Hygiene-optimised drinking water installation with RAUTITAN.

Fraunhofer Institute confirms: RAUTITAN is cavity-free and therefore microbe-free.

The renowned Fraunhofer Institute has certified RAUTITAN connections as being cavity-free. The high impermeability of the jointing technology effectively prevents microbial contamination.

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RAUTITAN RX+: lead-free gunmetal

The newly developed RAUTITAN RX+ gunmetal fittings make it possible: The RAUTITAN drinking water system is now lead-free, creating more safety reserves for the hygiene standards of tomorrow. 

Hygiene-optimised design

The smooth interior walls of RAUTITAN do not provide any surface for rough residues to attach, and help to reduce microbial contamination. Drinking water pipes with RAUTITAN are completely lead-free. That’s good for our health, and creates more safety reserves for the hygiene standards of tomorrow.

Hygienic leak testing

With RAUTITAN, leak testing can be carried out with water, air, or inert gases. This prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms (e.g. legionella bacteria) as a result of longer periods of water stagnation between testing and commissioning.

870-D087 - 70710

Intelligent pipe routing: to keep everything flowing

With double-wall brackets in different dimensions, RAUTITAN offers flexibility and reliable planning for intelligent pipe routing. If individual tapping points or even entire pipe sections are out of use temporarily or for the long term, the water still keeps flowing.

Strong performance

From installation to operation: RAUTITAN compels in every phase of its application.

Every time we improve RAUTITAN, the requirements of professional installers are our top priority. Our goal: a universal system that offers not just theoretical top ratings, but also masters the challenges of daily work with flying colours.

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BAU-D446_CL - 1073032
Pipe guide elbow
888-01-D199 - 19816974
Pre-insulated pipes
BAU-D451_CL - 1073028
Radiator connection

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Straightforward mixed installations

RAUTITAN can be used in mixed installations with metal pipelines with no problems at all. Simply contact support.uk@rehau.com to request your copy of for more information on the topic of mixed installations.

Bottleneck connection area? Not with RAUTITAN!

Compared with other jointing techniques, RAUTITAN enables nearly unobstructed flow even in the connection area. Constrictions are minimised by the expansion technology. Together with the hydraulically-optimised inner contours of the fittings, RAUTITAN has been impressing with minimal pressure loss for decades.

IGT_0670 - 1103091 RAUTITAN

IGT_0669 - 1103092 Example press fitting systems

Simply convenient

Efficient installations with the tool concept RAUTOOL.

Reliable and well-designed tools are essential for achieving optimal installation results. RAUTOOL, the comprehensive tool concept, makes installation especially easy.

New:      Even faster  expansion

Permanently sealed in just 3 steps

Once you’ve cut the pipe to length, you can start expanding it immediately, without any deburring or calibration. Thanks to the new backward-compatible QC1 expander heads, this can now be done in one step, which also saves time. The installation can immediately be placed under pressure and corrected radially if necessary. 

More details on RAUTOOL

The right tool for every job: RAUTOOL at a glance






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16 - 40 mm


856-D600_526903_0 - 526903

A-light2 Combi

16 - 40 mm


M-493902_grauBG (002) - 1087847

Xpand QC


16 - 40 mm


M-86083_grauBG (002) - 1087846



40 - 75 mm


856-D617_527431_0 - 527431


10, 14, 16 mm


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16 - 40 mm


More solutions for drinking water installation

As a holistic system supplier, REHAU enables you to thrill customers with other innovative drinking water products, in addition to regular pipe installation.

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REHAU plumbing boxes: up to 70% time savings*

With fully prefabricated REHAU plumbing boxes, you can install for example sink connections three times faster and also benefit from many other advantages. 



917-D011 - 12503238

SMART LINK MANIFOLD: an innovative, compact, timesaving and versatile plumbing water distribution solution.

When used in a point to point plumbing configuration, up to 70% fewer joints are used than compared to traditional branch plumbing.



The advantages are clear

High-margin additional sales with minimal additional effort and self-presentation as innovative sanitary, heating and air conditioning operation with a modern, smart product portfolio. Your REHAU contact will be happy to advise you any time.

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Building services are the lifeblood of any building, this is why it has never been so important for contractors to arm themselves with a variety of modern heating and plumbing techniques as they can truly impact the cost-effectiveness and durability of a given project.

Our guide advises on some of the incremental changes that can be made with regards to commercial heating and plumbing, in order to reap reward in the future and build on your company’s legacy.

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