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Innovative. Compact. Time-saving

The Smart plumbing manifold is an innovative, compact, time-saving and versatile plumbing solution for managing water distribution in a property.

When used in a point to point plumbing configuration, up to 70% fewer joints are used than compared to traditional branch plumbing.

Point to point plumbing is a method of using the manifold to distribute hot and cold water to appliances in the property using a continuous length of RAUTITAN pipe.

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  • Cost-effective solution for managing water distribution
  • Save on material and installation costs
  • Simple & easy to install
  • PPSU ball valves – corrosion-resistant
  • Isolation of individual outlets
  • Completely modular for flexibility
  • Quick installation time
  • Reduced number of fittings
  • Central isolation point for the property
  • 5 cold water outlets 16-20mm
  • 4 hot water outlets 16-20mm

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The Smart Link jointing system is the fastest, simplest and most secure manifold jointing method on the market. It only takes a matter of seconds to install and provides visual checking.
The Smart Link manifold boasts 9 individual outlet isolation valves, so additional isolation valves are not necessary – further decreasing the overall install time and cost compared to traditional methods.
It is well-suited for use in utility cupboards where space is a premium as it offers a neat and tidy solution. Its modular design makes it flexible, and can be adapted to suit different spaces and capacity requirements.



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