Underfloor heating

Expect more from your home with underfloor heating

We shouldn’t compromise comfort, style or design; with a REHAU underfloor heating system you can expect more from your home.

More comfort, more space, better living

A REHAU underfloor heating system opens up endless design possibilities, allowing you the space to create the room you want. Comfortable, warm and relaxing; expect more from your heating.

Enjoy total flexibility

Furnishing our homes, the way we want is a time-consuming business. The colour, the furniture, the décor – everything has to be just the way we imagined it. After all, why should we compromise?

With a REHAU underfloor heating system, you have free reign on your design ideas, with no radiators taking up valuable space, leaving more room for your creativity.

Expect more flexibility:

Enjoy more free time

REHAU underfloor heating doesn’t attract dust, doesn’t require painting, takes up no space and gives you more room – and time – to enjoy.

Design with freedom:

Tiles? Carpet? Wooden flooring? REHAU underfloor heating is suitable for any flooring.

Renovate and build with style

REHAU underfloor heating systems offer a low installation height, allowing you to create your perfect building, ideal solution for new-builds and renovations.

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Feel good – anytime, anywhere

90% of our time is spent in enclosed spaces. Getting the temperature right makes a huge difference to our quality of life. So why compromise on comfort?

REHAU underfloor heating distributes heat throughout the room. Unlike radiators, underfloor heating systems heat the room evenly without creating hot or cold spots. Expect a pleasant indoor climate – wherever you are.

Our NEA SMART 2.0 thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home online, for even more comfort.

Find out more about temperature control

Expect more sustainability:

REHAU underfloor heating doesn’t offer you just comfort and flexibility – it saves energy too. That’s great news for the environment – and your wallet, as it’s no more expensive to buy and install than conventional heating. Why choose a standard solution when you can have a sustainable one for the same price?

When it comes to sustainability, you can expect even more from your REHAU underfloor heating. The system can be easily combined with a range of renewable energy sources, including solar or geothermal power – and you may qualify for government financial support too.

Up to 20% energy savings


How can we help?

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