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Expect more from your room thermostat

We use modern technology throughout our daily lives. What if this was also applied to your heating system at home? The right temperature makes you feel comfortable at home.

What if your heating system manages the temperature of your home, according to your needs?

Meet the NEA SMART 2.0: the smart room thermostat you can #expectmore from.

A host of smart features

The NEA SMART 2.0 smart room thermostat ensures the ideal temperature at the right time, individually room by room.

NEA SMART 2.0 learns from your heating and usage behaviour and adapts automatically without your intervention. However, if you wish to manually change things, you can do this via the thermostat, the app or using voice control via Amazon Alexa.

Your advantages

Always the right temperature Always the right temperature

Save energy Up to 20 %
energy savings

Elegant design High quality and elegant design

Intuitive to use Intuitive to use
via the app

Future-proof system Future-proof

Elegant design

More design

When we decorate our homes, we ensure that everything suits our taste. The NEA SMART 2.0 smart room thermostat offers a high quality and elegant design, which is available in two attractive colours: a subtle white or eye-catching black. The timeless LED display and the illuminating frame completes the design, integrating perfectly in your home.

Room thermostat NEA SMART 2.0 in black

Room thermostat NEA SMART 2.0 in white

More convenient with voice control

At home, we often have our hands full – or we just want to relax in peace. Why not control the temperature at home with your voice; even your dog obeys commands.

Whether you’re cooking, watching tv or just relaxing on the sofa with a book, the NEA SMART 2.0 allows you to adjust the room temperature with you voice. Which means you can carry on with what you were doing.

Always the right temperature

A complete solution

We want reliable solutions for our homes that fit our lives. You can expect more from REHAU – our underfloor heating and smart thermostats all come from one source and work perfectly together. Flexible, durable and reliable, offering you complete peace of mind.


Save energy with geo-fencing

Our smartphones can tell you when the next train, bus or delivery is arriving – why can’t our heating system?

NEA SMART 2.0 makes this possible; by setting a "virtual fence" around your home, your heating will automatically change according to where you are – automatically turning on when you are on your way home, or turn off when you leave and at the same time saving energy.

How geo-fencing works:

Room thermostat with geo-fencing

Within your virtual fence, NEA SMART 2.0 will turn on your heating and ensure your home is at the right temperature.

Room thermostat with geo-fencing

Outside your virtual fence, NEA SMART 2.0 will automatically lower the temperature and save energy.

NEA SMART 2.0 brochure

NEA SMART 2.0 – always the right temperature

Find out more about our NEA SMART 2.0 room thermostat by downloading the brochure today.

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How can we help?

If you have any questions on NEA Smart 2.0, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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