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RAUPIANO Plus: acoustic soil and waste solution

Quiet and reliable

A complete solution from family homes to large commercial buildings. RAUPIANO Plus pipe, fittings and accessories are available in sizes DN 32 to DN 200 and compatible with HT- and KG  systems – offering noise and fire protection as well as reduced installation times.


17 dB

Install comfort
with RAUPIANO Plus


Fire protection
with RAUPIANO Plus

30 %

faster installation
with RAUPIANO Plus

Premium noise protection - verified by the Fraunhofer Institute

Fire protection: fast, easy installation and standard-compliant 

Reduced installation times compared with SML cast-iron pipes 

Noise protection: verified by the Fraunhofer Institute

Our RAUPIANO Plus acoustic soil and waste system comes in significantly below the required values of VDI 4100 sound protection guideline, with sound levels of just 17 dB(A)* . Quieter than a whisper, because all the components - pipe, fittings and jointing technology - helps to ensure that RAUPIANO PLUS works without any noise nuisance.




Sound-absorbing multi-layer technology

The rigid middle layer of RAUPIANO pipes achieves a pipe density of 1.9 g/cm³ through sound-absorbing filler materials, therefore substantially reducing the sound level.

Less impact noise in corners

RAUPIANO bends have thicker walls which reduces the generation of airborne noise. The hydraulically optimised inner contours of the branches minimise flow noise.

Acoustic bracket isolates structure-borne noise 
The acoustic bracket forms the connection to the wall, this significantly minimises structure-borne sound transmission to the installation wall.

Performance with the acoustic bracket from REHAU (P-BA 274/2016)

F120 Fire protection with RAUPIANO

In addition to water drainage with RAUPIANO PLUS, the noise tests at the Fraunhofer Institute also included the drinking water installation with RAUTITAN and the sanitation equipment, including the flush technology.

The result: the standard was easily met RAUPIANO PLUS and RAUTITAN offer system-tested noise protection to meet the highest standards.

Our fire protection solutions are approved by DiBT and meet a fire resistance of at least 120 minutes.

100 % Thermal Insulation

REHAU fire protection solutions can even be used in thermally insulated ceilings, e.g. in underground car parks.

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Fire stop pipe tape (DN 40 to 110)
Designed for space-saving and flush installations for ceilings. Ideal for one-man installations - no drilling and dowels

Fire stop collars (DN 50 -125 and DN 40 - 200)
The fire stop collar compact (DN 50 - 125) features a low construction height of 30mm. The larger fire stop collar is also suitable for ceiling or wall installation.

Angled fire stop collar (DN 75 - 125)
The angled fire stop collar is well-suited to tight spaces, including pipes exiting at an angle. Installation is performed below the ceiling.

Faster installation


Up to 35% space savings

Compared to SML, RAUPIANO plus frees up more valuable living space with lower space requirements.

30% faster installation

Eliminating possible errors in planning and installation and reducing the installation effort required, speeds up installation by up to 30% compared with SML cast-iron pipes.

Not just fast. Affordable too

Installed costs can be reduced by up to a third when compared to conventional SML cast-iron and HT plastic pipes.

The cost savings for installation and materials were demonstrated in a project with 313 residential units. The contractor assessed installation with SML and HT pipes.

Installation times were taken from an external, independent study by Innung Spengler, heating and plumbing technology in Munich.

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Acoustics guide

When installing internal pipework in high rise apartment or multi-occupancy buildings, the use of acoustic drainage is essential to ensure tenants are not disturbed by the sound of running water or vibrations from the pipes. Here, Franz Huelle, Head of Technical for Building Solutions at REHAU explains more about the issues of noisy drainage, options for acoustic drainage pipework and how it can offer major benefits for installers and end users alike:

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