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Expect more from your drinking water

Every day, we choose to buy products and food of the highest quality.

So why would we choose anything less for our drinking water? With REHAU, you can expect more from your drinking water.

More than just plumbing!

Your water can do more than just flow from a tap. Combining decades of experience and materials, REHAU has created an innovative system: RAUTITAN stands for greater quality, hygiene and safety, as well as lower energy consumption.

Expect more from your drinking water – with REHAU and RAUTITAN.

Higher quality thanks to lead-free material

Quality matters when you buy something for your family. We do our best to choose the perfect product. Surely, the same goes for our drinking water.

The RAUTITAN drinking water system promises higher quality. The new lead-free fittings guarantee the best drinking water for you and your family – day after day.

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Improved hygiene

We take hygiene for granted – so it makes sense to apply the same standards to our drinking water. If your drinking water system is incorrectly installed, your pipes become an ideal breeding ground for legionella and other germs. Long periods of inactivity in pipes increases growth, with germs multiplying rapidly within certain temperature ranges.

How to improve hygiene:


A loop is recommended: Every time you open a tap, everything in the pipe moves and the whole pipe is rinsed through.


RAUTITAN pipes are well insulated. This means it takes much longer to reach temperatures at which germs breed.


RAUTITAN cavity-free joints are highly effective and prevents germ formation – as officially confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Increased safety

RAUTITAN – offers long-term reliability. Pipes are made from PE-Xa – a high-tech, high-pressure, cross-linked material – which promises decades of safe and reliable use.

REHAU uses robust materials for our jointing technology, which is also used in the aerospace industry. The PE-Xa material is corrosion-resistant and gives you more protection against problematic drinking water quality.


Material from the space industry

for your safety


Save more energy

Hot water should not be too cool, and cold water should not be too warm. However, even after a short period water can soon warm up or cool down when sitting in a pipe. This creates a perfect environment for microorganisms, and it costs you money!

With RAUTITAN insulation you can expect more: energy consumption for your hot water will be significantly reduced, so you have more money for the finer things in life.

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