RAUTITAN flex green

The sustainable universal pipe: More than 90% CO2 savings in the manufacturing process.

Sustainable construction is not only becoming ever more important but is also increasingly becoming the norm. The focus is on energy and resource consumption, from the construction of a building to its demolition. The aim: climate protection and a circular economy. But of course, Sustainable construction comes at a cost: it requires a great deal of effort and courage to lead the way. Let’s tackle this challenge together and develop buildings that are fit for the future. Our new drinking water and heating pipe, RAUTITAN flex green, is based on renewable, bio-based raw materials and can help you achieve your sustainability targets. It not only allows you to conserve fossil fuels, but also significantly reduces your carbon footprint.

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The sustainable
polymer pipe

  • More than 90% CO2 savings in the manufacturing process* than standard PEX pipes made from fossil fuels
  • Use of renewable raw materials based on the mass balance approach
  • Promotes the circular economy and conserves resources
  • Produced with 100% green energy

ISCC Standard PLUS certification

  • External, independent certification by ISCC PLUS
  • Transparent traceability along the value chain, from raw material to final product

REHAU quality

  • Uncompromising: the usual quality and the same potential applications as RAUTITAN flex
  • Compatible with the REHAU universal system of pipes, fittings, compression sleeves and appropriate tools
  • Meets the highest requirements of drinking water quality, the same hygienic properties as RAUTITAN flex

*based on life cycle assessment spanning stages A1 to A4 in accordance with EN 15804

How the use of sustainable raw materials works.

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Renewable, bio-based raw materials proportionally replace fossil fuels in plastics production. These raw materials include vegetable fats that occur as industrial waste and by-products in the food industry. ISCC certification based on the mass balance

approach ensures that the proportion of renewable raw materials used in plastics production can be transparently traced along the entire value chain. The PE raw material used for RAUTITAN flex green therefore consists of 100% renewable

bio-based raw materials according to the mass balance approach. ISCC certification proves this. For every ton of ISCC-certified, renewable raw material used in production, the same amount of certified PE-Xa pipes can be made.

Benefits with every metre.

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Just as reliable

RAUTITAN flex green achieves a permanently leak-tight connection with fittings and compression sleeves. The pipe itself is the sealant, with no O-rings and no manual labelling.

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Just as clean

The lead-free RAUTITAN flex green pipe system is hygienically optimised for drinking water installations. The smooth inner pipe walls and excellent impermeability of the cavity-free jointing technology effectively prevent contamination.

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Just as flexible

RAUTITAN flex green is highly unlikely to buckle, especially in the case of small pipes. Despite this, the pipe is flexible: you can easily bend it over your thumb without any tools, even at low temperatures.

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For drinking. For heating.

Our new RAUTITAN flex green offers the same benefits as the tried and tested RAUTITAN flex. The pipe is made of high-performance PE-Xa plastic and contains a special oxygen diffusion barrier – making it suitable for both drinking water installations and heating.

There are no limits to this system.
The universal RAUTITAN system has been in use in over 40 countries for more than 25 years. Be it plumbing, heating or gas installations, RAUTITAN gives you the flexibility you need for individually tailored solutions. In addition to a wide range of pipes, the REHAU universal system also includes hydraulically optimised fittings and compression sleeves that have proved themselves a billion times over, as well as appropriate RAUTOOL installation tools.

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Environmental product declarations

Verifiable sustainability.

The use of bio-based raw materials in RAUTITAN flex green is ISCC PLUS-certified. ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) is a global certification programme for the circular economy. The aim is to establish sustainable raw material chains and verify these based on the mass balance approach, among other things.

The resulting reduced carbon footprint of RAUTITAN flex green is verified by a lifecycle assessment/EPD. A lifecycle assessment analyses a product’s environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.

You can view our EPDs here:

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Building certifications

We are here to help.

We can help you successfully achieve sustainable building certifications, such as BREEAM, to demonstrate compliance with ecological, social and economic requirements for the lifecycle of a building.

REHAU helps you achieve certification by providing the necessary information in its manufacturer declaration of product conformity and sustainability requirements.

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Our vision:
Shaping a sustainable future by pioneering building solutions worldwide

As a family business, we have always thought about sustainability, and we aim to ensure quality of life on the planet for future generations. For us at REHAU Building Solutions, #nextlevelbuilding therefore

means focussing on future challenges today, identifying future needs at an early stage and creating sustainable solutions in collaboration with our customers. For our customers, we are a reliable partner when it

comes to quality and service. Our experience and know-how make all the difference and take every construction project to the next level.

Our vision

Sustainable action.

Accelerating climate protection 

We take proactive measures for climate protection.

Goal: climate-neutral production by 2035

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Driving the circular economy

We regard ourselves as a driver of a sustainable circular economy.

Goal: 20% recycled content in our products by 2025

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Both an honour and an obligation

REHAU has already received several international awards for its exemplary commitment. In 2020 for example, we were named one of the ‘50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders’, an initiative based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We were also awarded the Gold Ecovadis Medal for our outstanding sustainability rating. Such accolades provide a huge incentive to continue developing our sustainability activities.

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We are happy to answer your questions about the RAUTITAN flex green universal pipes. Simply call us on +44 1989 762600 or send us an email

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