REHAU underfloor heating at FleetwoodHigh

Fleetwood High School

Fleetwood High School

REHAU’s Underfloor heating system has been installed throughout Fleetwood High School in Lancashire. The school is being constructed by Eric Wright Group in what is Lancashire County Council’s first Public Private Partnership (PPP) project.

REHAU's fast and cost effective Tacker Sheet Underfloor heating installation system. At Fleetwood High School, more than 35km of REHAU’s 20mm Universal pipe were laid throughout the 9,000 sq meters of the school in just 10 weeks.

Using the Tacker system, the REHAU pipework is laid directly onto expanded polystyrene boards pre laminated with a fabric reinforced water resistant foil and fixed using a specially designed staple gun. This saves considerable time over the previous system where polyethylene foil was rolled out on top of EPS Boards and then fixing rails were attached to the board before the pipework could be laid.

LocationFleetwood, United Kingdom
Type of projectEducation
Saves time and cost during installation