Renewable Energy

RAUVITHERM pipe, shroud and fittings
REHAU solar collectors as heat source for energy storing
REHAU GAHE - Commercial Installation
REHAU NEXUS hot tapping for district heating
REHAU Reinforcement cage occupied with PE-Xa collect

Renewable energies: Reducing carbon emissions

The best energy sources are those that don’t rely on fossil fuels, but are simply there - and in endless quantity. REHAU helps our customers to unlock the potential of renewable energy sources for heating and cooling. Whether it's solar energy, ground-source, biomass or combined heat and power for the simultaneous generation of power and heat - the possibilities are varied. As a result, the legal requirements for new buildings and refurbishments can be fulfilled, and the burden removed from both the global climate and the customer's budget. Government incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive, Green Deal and Feed-In Tariffs are being introduced to increase the uptake of renewable technologies.


Biomass & Biogas

REHAU offer innovative solutions for the biomass and AD markets.

District Heating

Community heat networks design and optimisation.

Ground-source Energy

Heating & cooling with ground source heat pumps.

Ground-air Heat Exchanger

Innovative ventilation used for Zero Carbon or Passivhaus buildings.

RAUGEO Click Manifold

Connect. Click. Finished


Pre-insulated header pipe for ground-source heat pumps


First hot tapping fitting for PE-Xa heating pipes

Underground Thermal Energy Storage

The concept of storing excess heat in the ground in the summer, to then be extracted in the winter