RAUGEO Click Modular Manifold


The new RAUGEO Click modular manifold from REHAU offers a unique, simple solution for the connection of brine circuits. The RAUGEO Click manifold can be offered as a highly flexible modular system as well as pre-fabricated from the factory. RAUGEO Click can therefore be used with any ground-source system of almost any size, and the best bit: the modular concept of the click, offers maximum flexibility in logistics and on-site, with complete assembly taking only a few minutes without any tools!


CLICK TO COMPLETE: A flexible, modular complete system

CLICK TO FIX: Manifold assembly in an instant

CLICK TO CONNECT: Faster connection of the brine circuits

CLICK TO SAFE: Safety during assembly and during the long-term operation

CLICK TO FLOW: Large internal diameter - minimum pressure loss

CLICK TO USE FOR EVERYTHING: Can be used universally for any method of using ground-source heat with pipes made from PE and PE-Xa in the dimensions of d20-d50

Product Range

The modular system:

The modular system for manifold assembly consists essentially of three sets: the basic set that is required for every manifold, an expansion set to add an additional circuit to each manifold, as well as a push fitting set to connect the brine circuits. In combination with the other sets, e.g. additional wall brackets or ball valves to connect the header pipes, you can fit any manifold variant you like within a short time. This allows, even with lower stock, the highest flexibility for any construction site requirement.

Pre-assembled manifold:

The RAUGEO CLICK manifold is also available fully pre-fabricated and pressure-tested from the factory in the designs with from 2 to 12 connections.


Connection sets for connection to PE and PE-X pipes from d20 to d50 and accessories such as a thermomanometer complete the range.

Technical Details

Full polymer system:

  • Module body made from resistant, glass fibrereinforced plastic
  • Dispenses with metal components almost completely for permanent operating reliability due to a reduced risk of corrosion
  • Insulation due to highly thermally-insulating plastic (heat conductivity module body 0.30 W/mK, in comparison to PE: 0.42 W/mK)

Module body:

The internal diameter of the module body is on average 2 ½“ (approx. 65 mm). The inner crosssection is clear and does not contain any components that will hinder the flow. The manifold outlets have an internal diameter of at least 1“ (approx. 26 mm).


The polymer flowmeters specially designed for the RAUGEO CLICK manifold have an internal diameter of 1“ (approx. 26 mm). The flow can be controlled on the transparent component with the help of the integrated ball valves that can be operated on both sides. The flowmeters are available in two designs for volume flows from 5-15 l/min as well as 10-30 l/min.

Discharge screw for connecting the header pipe:

The dimension of the connection thread for the header pipe is a 2“ (approx. 52 mm) male thread. A large internal diameter at the manifold outlet is therefore also ensured for the connection of pipes of different dimensions.