REHAU protects rainforest the size of Ross-on-Wye

Size of Herefordshire Rainforest Project

REHAU supports Rainforest Proramme


REHAU has made a donation to the Size of Herefordshire Rainforest Project, to protect an area of tropical rainforest the size of Ross-on-Wye, and safeguard the future of the indigenous people who live there. 

The Size of Herefordshire Rainforest Project has been set up to support the work of a charity protecting the Amazon rainforest and its people in Peru. The Forest Peoples Programme help the Wampi and Awajun communities, which are under pressure from mining, oil and logging companies who want to exploit the rainforest’s natural resources. The charity give the native people the tools they need to fight off the companies who are trying to take their homes and their livelihood. The decision was taken by the team to support the project as part of their ongoing strategic approach on creating a more sustainable environment.

REHAU’s donation will go towards the protection of 350 hectares of rainforest by buying a boat for the Wampi people. They live in an area six times the size of Herefordshire in more than 60 villages, separated by dense forest and mountains. The boat will enable village leaders to come together more easily, to plan their resistance to the threats facing them and protect their rainforest for generations to come. 

Martin Hitchin said: “We made a donation to the Size of Herefordshire project because it’s a cause that really resonated with us. As a Herefordshire-based company, we were keen to support a local organisation but perhaps more than this, we as a business are very much focused on building homes and businesses, and doing it sustainably. 

“All of our products are designed to minimise their impact on the environment, both in the way they are made and the energy savings achievable when they are installed. By contributing to the protection of the rainforest in Peru, we are able to extend our commitment to the environment beyond the UK and protect the homes, businesses and people who live there for many years to come.” 

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