Edgebands for lightweight

RAUKANTEX basic edge: Supporting edgeband technology

REHAU has developed the innovative RAUKANTEX basic edge supporting edgeband so that edgeband with decorative designs can be easily applied even on lightweight panels thinner than 8 mm with no frames. This makes it possible to process such panels by machine without difficulty.

RAUKANTEX basic edge supporting edgeband bonds the lightweight surfaces to each other and offers a solid basis for the application of the decorative edgeband. This ensures the required pressure stability and guarantees smooth machine processing.


  • Panels can be fed through, and worked with CNC machinery
  • Once formatted, the innovative foam structure, which requires no priming, makes the adhesion process more straightforward
  • Any required shape can be created
  • Processing of tight radii
  • Material can be rolled

Application options

When edging narrow surfaces without supporting edgeband, note these parameters:

  • Minimum thickness of top layer – to ensure adhesive sticks
  • Minimum thickness of edgeband – depending on the thickness of the component
  • Selection of type of inlay (honeycomb or fluted)
  • Selection of adhesive (EVA, APAO, PUR)
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