Metal-effect track system

Frame4 RAUVOLET metallic-line track system

The elegant frame4 RAUVOLET metallic-line track system, developed in collaboration with code2design, applies the purist look of contemporary kitchen furnishing concepts to every aspect of the tried-and-tested RAUVOLET metallic-line tambour door system.

The frame4 track system comes in a design that matches RAUVOLET metallic-line tambour doors. Just 4 mm wide, it frames the mat in an elegant metal finish, so that a plain surface becomes even more prominent as an optically striking element.

System solution with personality

Dimensions of the frame4 RAUVOLET metallic-line track system (W x H):

  • 600 x 1.000 mm
  • 600 x 1.500 mm
  • 900 x 1.000 mm
  • 900 x 1.500 mm

The minimum installation depth for frame4 RAUVOLET metallic-line is 269 mm, with a maximum depth of 380 mm.

The track system is suitable for standard panel thicknesses 16, 18 and 19 mm. The system is designed based on the external cabinet width, so boards of all thicknesses can be used.