Ground-source energy & special applications


This CPD course provides an introduction to ground-source heat pump technology and how the system can be used to achieve significant energy savings for heating and cooling. Typically, ground-source energy is extracted with probes buried in 100m deep boreholes, or in horizontal collectors.

The demands on the ground-source pipework need to be taken into consideration carefully.  Installation costs vary dramatically between types of GSHP systems, so the sizing and choice of system is critcial to achieve the best possible performance.

CPD covers:

This CPD takes 1 hour, it can be held at the REHAU offices or at customers/clients premises - the choice is yours!

  • Introduction
  • Basics of ground-source heat pumps
  • Pipe materials (PE-Xa, PE-RC, PE100)
  • Ground-source probes/collectors/spiral probes/energy piles
  • Accessories required (manifold chambers/manifolds)
  • Basic GSHP pipe sizing


  • RIBA