District Heating & Heat Networks CPD


District heating pipe by REHAU.

Energy Efficient Heat Distribution

District heating is the use of a central heat source, to provide heat to a number of buildings via a pre-insulated pipe network. In the UK it is rapidly growing in popularity as it is ideally linked with renewable energy sources, such as biomass or biogas. There are dramatic improvements in energy efficiency by producing heat on a local level and also maintenance benefits in having one single plant. This CPD will give you an overview of the heat sources used, the pipe options and how to design a DH network.

The 1 hour lunchtime CPD seminar covers the following topics:

- Introduction

- What is district heating?

- Potential heat sources

- Biogas/Anaerobic digestion

- Pipe materials & properties (steel vs. polymer)

- Installation & design

- Case studies

- Q&A

The CPD is CIBSE approved.