Ground-air Heat Exchanger CPD


Ground to Air Heat Exchanger Pipe by REHAU

Renewable Source of Controlled Ventilation

Ground-air heat exchangers are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, in particular in the health and education sectors. Ventilation air is simply drawn through a network of underground pipes (1.5m deep), which pre-cools the air in the summer and pre-heats the air in the winter. Typical COPs for this efficient system range from 20-50 for a commercial project and even higher for a domestic project.

The 1 hour lunchtime CPD seminar covers the following topics:

- Introduction

- Principles of ground-air heat exchangers

- Condensation removal, air inlets, pipe requirements

- Design criteria and REHAU design software

- Case studies - commercial and domestic

- Q&A

The CPD is RIBA and CIBSE approved.