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About Tony Harbour & The REHAU Hub...

Tony Harbour is the Senior Commercial Manager for REHAU and heads up the team at The REHAU Hub.  He joined REHAU in 2007 as a Specifications Manager, with a remit to promote the various products in the Building Solutions division to UK specifiers.  Tony has had the benefit of working within all of the product groups and has a broad depth of knowledge in all areas.  His main specialities are Building Solutions and Fenestration products and he continues to work closely with architects & engineers within central London, developing bespoke solutions for a number of commercial building projects.

A qualified construction surveyor, Tony has over 22 years experience within the UK construction industry and is currently undertaking a Mechanical Engineering diploma to further enhance his skills.  Tony continues to deliver CPD seminars at The Building Centre and specifiers' practices and the full range of these can be found on this website.

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