RAUWALON Slim-line

RAUWALON wall seal profiles  System line 1

One system line, two applications

The smallest wall seal profile can be used for two different applications: RAUWALON slim-line for household use and RAUWALON slim-line plus for professional use. However, although the applications were designed for different target groups, they both have several things in common:

Sealing: Boasting optimal sealing performance, this system line 1 is an ideal high-quality alternative to silicon joints for bathroom applications or as a seal around acrylic or ceramic parts such as washbasins or bathtubs, quite apart from its main use in worktops.

Connecting: A symmetrical profile design and a newly developed connection moulding mean that this system line 1 can also be used to form a transition between vertical areas. This makes it useful for ceiling and floor end strips, for example, or for kitchens, caravans and DIY.

Creating highlights: System line 1 has a high-quality appearance and can be used in various ways to add a finishing touch.

Functional: The mouldings can be used for both slim-line ranges, so the same range of mouldings is compatible with both systems. This is highly useful and saves duplicating storage space.