Creative Design Collection

Creative Design Collection

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One of the strengths of REHAU’s edgeband range is certainly the way it matches boards to produce a totally seamless integration. But who says edgebands have to reflect the texture and colour of surfaces? We believe that this is not the case as it depends on the design.

That’s why REHAU developed the Creative Design Collection in addition to our Premium Stock Collection. It’s your passport to a whole new world of creativity and individuality. From materials combining metal and glass to realistic wood effects, illumination and 3D effects: the portfolio contains a whole range of new and surprising options.

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Real-wood edgebands

M00-D1341 - 117448

Real-wood veneer edgebands are the best match for real-wood boards. The original tactile characteristics, the natural appearance and the slight wood aroma are totally captivating. Real-wood veneers provide warmth and ensure an inviting, relaxed ambiance whilst adding a touch of nature to every home.

Woodgrain edgebands

You won’t believe it’s not real wood! Our new woodgrain effect ABS edging looks and feels just like the real thing. It's designed to look just like cross-cut wood.

When combined with our invisible-joint technology, the patterned chipboard looks and feels so much like real wood that you can barely tell the difference. It’s the most realistic wood effect money can buy.


Chip, OSB and multi-layer wood edgebands

OSB and chipboards are generally used for the construction of walls, ceilings or floors. The stylish, lively and very natural look makes the materials an interesting option for use in modern interior design and furniture construction as well. The look is already being used in shopfitting quite regularly.

Multiplex edgebands

Multiplex is back and currently all the rage in interior design. The different multiplex edgebands allow you to recreate the look of a thinly coated multiplex board with a single-colour board. This gives any standard board an upgrade in terms of material quality and design.


Feature edgebands

M00-D1541 - 118804

As demand for unique designs with a personal touch continues to grow, edgebands are increasingly taking centre stage as design features in their own right. Partly as a result of the trend towards more striking surfaces, frames and side panels, edgebands are being steadily liberated from the surfaces around them.

Our feature edgebands take advantage of this potential as they offer a range of innovative designs that set the trend and give furniture and interior designers more creative freedom than ever before. The range spans everything from floral patterns and fantastical decorative designs to fashionable cork or woven looks (e.g. rattan).

Real-glass effect edgebands

G98-D068 - 85208

Our new visions edgebands look like they are made from top-quality glass and a solid, real-wood panel – but appearances can be deceptive. The edgebands are actually composed of two overlapping colours or patterns: a gloss solid colour that looks like coloured glass, and an incredibly realistic looking bamboo or multiplex pattern.

It all adds up to a visually stunning edgeband that’s considerably lighter than glass, and easier to work with too.


3D edgebands

G98-D060 - 83462

Our carefully selected 3D acrylic edgebands will help you bring an ultra-modern look to your design. The pattern is printed on the reverse of the edgeband and shines through a transparent layer of acrylic, producing a striking 3D depth effect.

Available in a range of metallic colours, including gold, copper and bronze, they lend a hint of glamour to any living space. Combine them with carefully selected, top-quality furnishings and tasteful design to add a touch of luxury to your interior.


Carbon-effect edgebands

Carbon-finishing furnishings with edge materials makes for impressive designer pieces which are perfect for integrating in modern living rooms, kitchens or exclusive offices. The carbon look is a striking highlight on any piece of furniture. The edgebands go particularly well with metallic surfaces or black.


Metal-effect edgebands

M00-8130 Metall - 117696

From cool aluminium to high-end stainless steel, design’s love affair with metal isn’t going away any time soon. Experience RAUKANTEX magic II – true design with laminated real-metal foil.


Edgebands with flip-flop effect

The flip-flop design, also called the chameleon effect, is mainly known from automotive paint jobs. As the viewer changes perspective, the colour shade and brightness of the material change.


Phosphorescent edgebands

M00-D1687 - 1085331

Due to its phosphorescent components, the new RAUKANTEX light up glows in the dark after irradiation with natural or UV light – without using electricity. So it is perfect for making objects glow in the dark.

It can be used to mark escape routes, for example, so that people can quickly find their way out in the event of a power failure.

It can even make entire pieces of furniture or doors visible. This can make orientation in unfamiliar environments such as hotel rooms or hospitals much easier.


Luminescent edgebands

M00-D1379 - 117580

What is the best way to showcase a piece of furniture? Using light! The new RAUKANTEX lumina 3D edgebands make components shine.

These edgebands feature special luminescent pigments. When exposed to UV or artificial light, the pigments absorb light, convert it through the edgeband and emit the light into the room. This creates a wonderful light effect, entirely without power connection or batteries. The edgeband is perfect for bars, sideboards or shelving.


Translucent edgebands

M00-D1383 - 117699

Light is traditionally seen as the fourth dimension in interior design. Now though, it’s increasingly being treated as the first and most important one; and not just because there is no architecture without light. As lighting technology advances, it is exerting more and more influence on architecture.

It determines how we experience a space, and how we feel in it. With our backlit edging, you can use your interior to create the perfect atmosphere.

You can see the entire collection, including all our panel/edgeband categories, in our board matches guide:

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