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What is a Ground-air Heat Exchanger (GAHE)?

Ground-air heat exchangers offer an innovative method of heating and cooling a building. Ventilation air is simply drawn through underground pipes at approx 1.5m, where the soil temperature is a constant 8-12°C. The soil temperature will pre-cool the air in the summer and pre-heat the air in winter.

Is a GAHE suitable for allergy sufferers?

Yes, AWADUKT Thermo is suitable for allergy sufferers.  For added protection, you can change the filter to a fine filter.

What distinguishes the REHAU AWADUKT Thermo GAHE?

  • Integrated antimicrobial silver lining to combat microbial growth
  • ​Thermally optimised polypropylene material to improve heat transfer
  • High longitudinal stiffness
  • Pipe and safety lock seal are radon-tight

How much is a GAHE system?

REHAU offer a number of AWADUKT Thermo packages for different sized domestic installations. They are ready made sets that include all the pipe and fittings for the air intake, building connections etc.  For installation and assembly costs, please contact your local installer.

Do I need a large garden?

No, our GAHE is installed as a ring around your home, approximately 1m from your house.

Is the GAHE a ventilation system?

Yes, it is, the ventilation system and GAHE are connected and must be serviced regularly.

Can I clean the GAHE?

Yes, according to the specifications of VDI 6022, appropriate cleaning intervals and precautionary inspections (sanitary control) should be conducted. Country specific regulations may have different requirements in terms of frequency of inspection. Cleaning and inspections costs should be factored into your total investment plan.

Can the GAHE be used in new build and renovations?

Basically, the GAHE can be used for both situations. In a new building, the installation can be combined with other trades. During renovation of the building, items such as ventilation ducts must be retrofitted.

Who designs the GAHE for me?

For the calculation of single, or multi-family homes, we offer AWADUKT Thermo sets. Please determine your climate zone and the required air flow and then refer to the specifications of each set to achieve your requirements. For buildings with a larger required flow rate, please contact a consultant in one of our sales offices. Contact us.

Can emerging condensate in the pipe system be removed?

To ensure a fast removal of the condensate, a continuous gradient of approximately 2-3% is necessary when installing the heat exchanger tube. The draining of the condensate can be done via a condensate collector shaft lying outside the building, or through a condensate drain installed in the building.

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