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Kitchen surfaces

RAUVISIO crystal – the smart surface for kitchens

Our glass-effect surface material, RAUVISIO crystal, has been designed to be a standout feature in any kitchen. Creating stunning cupboards and wall panels throughout, the polymer high-gloss surface material promises to take your kitchen design to a new level. 

As a hygienic alternative to wall tiles and wood, using RAUVISIO crystal for your kitchen splash-back and cupboard doors will ensure there is nowhere for grease to gather or water to gather and create mould. 

Key benefits

Our smart glass offers impressive benefits in day-to-day use:

High quality finish

RAUVISIO crystal panels are designed using a clear lacquer that sits over the colour; this radiates the depth of colour giving you a high quality finish to your kitchen surfaces.


In everyday use RAUVISIO crystal is highly scratch-resistant, even after many years of use the surface remains as flawless as it was on the first day.

Hygienically clean

Real glass surfaces can collect dirt in the grooves, but the lacquered surface of RAUVISIO crystal is seamless keeping your kitchen surfaces free of germs.

No fading

All RAUVISIO crystal surfaces are UV-resistant. Even after years of use, you can add new kitchen units with no colour difference between old and new.


RAUVISIO crystal is 10 times more durable than real glass, and can withstand heavy impacts. If the surface did become damaged, it won't splinter, so no risk of injury!

Easy to clean

RAUVISIO crystal kitchen surfaces are coated with a lacquer to stop them attracting fingerprints. Dirt can be easily removed using water and a microfibre cloth.

Writeable surface

A magnetic version is also available and can be written on with whiteboard markers. So you can use it to leave everyday notes and messages for your family.

Resistant to warping

The balanced make up of the RAUVISIO crystal panels means they retain their strength and won't warp over time.

Guaranteed sustainability

Guaranteed sustainability

Our RAUVISIO panels are pressed from wood and fulfil PEFC criteria for a sustainable forest products supply chain.

RAUVISIO crystal gallery

Get inspired and creative with RAUVISIO surfaces for your kitchen.

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