Passion for colour 2020

Passion for colour – The magic of Iceland

Iceland is an enchanting place. REHAU is bringing this volcanic island’s unique spell to interior design with Passion for colour. These six colours represent the country's breathtaking natural scenery, the magic of its ancient myths and legends and the hip vibes of its capital city, Reykjavik.

This unique palette also captures the relaxed yet modern Nordic lifestyle known as hygge or lagom, which is embraced throughout Iceland. Make the most of Passion for colour and sprinkle some of Iceland's magic throughout your home!

Passion for color: Neve


Radiant – clear – pure

Pure white atop Iceland's snow-capped mountains, the kind of white that brings out contrasts and gives the world a dreamlike serenity.

This colour goes perfectly with calm, natural designs featuring wood or wooden décor, but it also creates a dramatic contrast to eye-popping colours.

REHAU surface: RAUVISIO brilliant

IML_01745 - 100493

Color for passion: Nebbia



Neutral – mysterious – subtle

Water molecules swirl, fog covers everything like a veil. Fog blurs the lines between contrasts, creating an atmosphere of mystery.

This color goes perfectly with all kinds of styles. Nebbia emphasises industrial design, but it’s also a subtle counterpart to bright colours.

REHAU surfaces: RAUVISIO crystal and RAUVISIO brilliant

IML_01747 - 100498

Passion for color: Terricio



Vibrant – abundant – earthy

Iceland is the land of volcanoes, and its soil is rich in nutrients as a result. Volcanoes represent nature's power, renewal and the circle of life.

This color goes perfectly with black and anthracite, which form a natural unity with this dark brown. Paired with mint or other pastel shades, Terriccio's gentle metallic shimmer makes it a real trendsetter.

REHAU surface: RAUVISIO crystal


Passion for color: Menta



Natural – refreshing – harmonious

During the summer months, Iceland's herbs, ferns, lichens and grasses provide splashes of colour. Shades of mint evoke the spring – and the wonderful moment when you really feel the days getting lighter and the nights shorter.

This colour goes perfectly with other pastels, picking up on current key trends. Pastels are gentle on the eye and bring colour into a room without dominating it. Menta creates a stylish contrast to a rich dark brown.

REHAU surface: RAUVISIO crystal

IML_01748 - 100497

Passion for color: Laguna



Nordic – versatile – fluid

Iceland's Blue Lagoon is a well-known destination, but the island is home to many more small lakes and lagoons, as well. Every body of water is unique, with their very own shape, colour and appeal.

This colour goes perfectly with any shade of grey. Laguna comes into its own alongside silver, light grey, greenish grey, aged wood and asphalt grey. When paired with other colours, the grey takes a step back and provides additional depth.

REHAU surface: RAUVISIO crystal


Passion for color: Atlantico



Mysterious – deep – intense

Iceland is surrounded by the Atlantic, the world's second-largest ocean. The Atlantic and its seas cover around a fifth of the earth's surface, connecting continents, offering a home to a diverse array of aquatic creatures – and harbouring no end of secrets.

This colour goes perfectly with other shades of blue, as the various blues come together to form a harmonious whole. If you are looking for contrasts, you can pair this dark blueish grey with concrete for a minimalist effect, or with gold for a sophisticated touch.

REHAU surface: RAUVISIO crystal


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