The perfect component from REHAU and PFLEIDERER

REHAU Pfleiderer Express Collection

100 % décor combination for the Pfleiderer Express Collection 2021 - 2024

The edgeband specialist REHAU and the panel manufacturer Pfleiderer rely on close coordination between their design collections, because only with the perfect match of panel to edgeband does the perfect component come into being. The cooperation includes both the board collections from the Pfleiderer Express Collection 2021 - 2024 and the Prime Boards XTreme Collection for special matt and high-gloss surfaces. In addition, the décor combination also applies to large parts of the worktop collections as well as the associated wall connection systems. 

Individual products of high quality – the demands on modern carpenters and interior designers are high, but at the same time they represent a great opportunity for traditional craftsmanship: the demand for furnishings that are functional on the one hand and express personality on the other continues to rise and is increasingly reinforced by factors such as the change from office to home office.  

The collaboration between REHAU and Pfleiderer takes collection work to a new level. Décor selection, quality and availability of the elements are coordinated in such a way that the joiner or interior fitter can get his "all-round carefree package".

The Pfleiderer Express Collection 2021 - 2024 comprises 139 decors as standard, with 128 decors from the Design Collection and 11 decors from the Evergreen pool. Furthermore, the "perfect match" of board and edge is also available in the Prime Board XTreme Collection with its extremely matt as well as high-gloss surfaces. Here, too, REHAU supplies the decor-matched edges from its RAUKANTEX mirror-gloss or RAUKANTEX noble matt edge collection.

For the Pfleiderer worktop collection 2021 - 2024, REHAU offers 55 decors, for example in stone and wood look as well as plain colours. The REHAU collection also offers the matching wall connection from the RAUWALON perfect-line collection.

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