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RAUWALON perfect-line wall seal system

Invisible, yet indispensable

REHAU’s RAUWALON perfect-line is the only wall seal system with a hidden seal between the wall and the worktop. This makes the transition between the worktop and the wall completely seamless, so it looks like a single, continuous surface.

The innovative REHAU seal technology used in RAUWALON isn’t just amazingly effective – it opens up a new dimension in kitchen design too. With REHAU decoration technology, the profiles can be matched to almost any worktop design. The selection of decorative designs included in the standard range match key worktop designs from Egger, Kronospan and Pfleiderer. What’s more, we can quickly deliver almost any decorative worktop design to match the new RAUWALON perfect-line wall seal.

You can also use the practical RAUWALON mitre box, with its printed angle measurements, to make cutting and assembling the wall seal profile even easier.

RAUWALON perfect-line

Assembly video

See for yourself just how easy installing RAUWALON perfect-line really is.


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