RAUVOLET acoustic-line tambour door

RAUVOLET acoustic-line tambour door

Sound-absorbing front panels

The patented and popular RAUVOLET acoustic‑line tambour door system transforms a simple cabinet into a highly effective sound insulator, right across the spectrum. The tambour door system is the only one in its class that can absorb sound in a linear way across the entire frequency range – and it’s especially effective in the range used for speech. That means it can protect office workers from irritating ambient noise.

RAUVOLET acoustic-line uses a special profile geometry featuring continuous perforations and an acoustic fleece inside its hollow section. This acoustically active material absorbs sound wave energy as it enters the profile and stops it getting out again. This makes for a significant reduction in ambient reverberation, and allows up to 80% of the noise to be absorbed.

The RAUVOLET acoustic-line tambour door system combines the functionality and good looks you would expect from a modern office with highly effective sound insulation.

Why choose RAUVOLET acoustic-line?

Highly effective sound insulation

Across the entire frequency range

3 in 1

Combines effective insulation with high-quality design and handy storage space

High sound absorption level

Of αw = 0.8

Sound insulation class B

(highly insulating)

Space-saving tambour door system

For up to 20% more efficient use of space

Design and order

Using our tambour door configurator - with no minimum order quantities

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RAUVOLET acoustic-line tambour door
RAUVOLET acoustic-line tambour door
RAUVOLET acoustic-line tambour door


Pure white

Pure white
RAL 9010



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ApplicationSuitable for horizontal or vertical use
Horizontal track system    Rear wall/side wall recessed CLASSIC
Vertical track systemC8 Vertical counterbalance mechanism
ProfileThickness: 12 mm
Cover width: 27 mm

Assembly and installation

For full installation details, consult our assembly instructions.


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