RAUVOLET crystal-line tambour doors

RAUVOLET crystal-line tambour doors

Smart glass in a tambour door

Ample storage space? High quality appearance? Modern look? The RAUVOLET crystal-line tambour door system gives you all that, and much more! It combines the best of both worlds, giving you the sophisticated look and design of glass as well as the improved strength, better scratch resistance and the lighter weight of a polymer. Whether you’re working on a kitchen, a living room or a shop fit out, it’s a great combination for any modern interior design.

50 mm polymer glass laminate slats, RAUVOLET crystal-line creates a harmonious, seamless front panel panel and it’s also a great match for RAUVISIO crystal colours too. Available in Bianco, Magnolia and Piano, it’s perfect for the latest kitchen design trends. With track systems, pelmets and handles available in aluminium, stainless steel and onyx black, it all adds to the perfect finishing touch for your interior.

Why choose RAUVOLET crystal-line?

The RAUVOLET crystal-line tambour door system combines the aesthetic appeal of real glass with all the benefits of a polymer tambour door system, making it much easier to install and use over a standard tambour door.

Designed to match current RAUVISIO crystal colours

For seamlessly integrated front panels

50 mm slats

Bring a sense of calm to your interior

Accessory set available in 3 colours

For a complete look

Simple installation

Using a ‘plug & play’ system

Easy ordering

With no minimum order quantities

Compatible with:

Glaslaminat RAUVISIO crystal
RAUVISIO crystal – Glass laminate


RAUVOLET crystal-line tambour doors
RAUVOLET crystal-line tambour doors
RAUVOLET crystal-line tambour doors



high-gloss V2778
matt 1696L


high-gloss 73703
matt 1698L


high-gloss 2015L
matt 2016L


ApplicationFor vertical use
Mechanism‘Plug & Play’ cassette system
Accessories    Stainless steel, aluminium, onyx black
Board thickness    16 mm, 18/19 mm
Profile    Cover width: 50 mm
Standard set dimensions600 x 1,000 mm
600 x 1,500 mm
900 x 1,000 mm
900 x 1,500 mm
Minimum installation depth    296 mm
Installation height
(incl. ceiling panel)     
up to 1,000 mm: 173 mm
up to 1,500 mm: 216 mm

Assembly and installation

For full installation details, consult our assembly instructions.


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