BMW Brilliance Automotive Plant, Tianxi, China

One of the most famous and largest Automotive plant project in China. A new automotive production plant project, including: Press shop, Body shop, Paint shop, Assembly, Logistics, Main office, Auxiliary functions. REHAU installed special Push-fit HDPE cable duct product according to the customer requirement.

ProjectBMW Brilliance Automotive Plant, Tianxi, China
Scope of project

HDPE Cable Ducting system; RAUGEO Energy Piles system; RAUTHERM E under floor heating system


HFNN Architekten Ltd.

REHAU system used

Building Services (UFH), Civil Engineering (PE-100 Cable ducting system), Renewable Energies (RAUGEO Energy pile systems)

Type of ProjectAutomotive plant
CustomerBMW Brilliance Automotive Plant
ArchitectHFNN Architekten Ltd.