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Masking Tape - A Carpenters Tape for Every Surface

Masking Tape of Superior Quality

REHAU’s Masking Tape is providing unmatched and super versatile quality, which is perfectly designed for catering to numerous applications in your everyday tasks. This vigorous adhesive tape is a must companion of the carpenter, ensuring flawless performance on various surfaces without leaving any residue behind.

REHAU Masking tape is a robust adhesive made for general purposes. The tape comes in handy to get over with your everyday jobs as it can be used on almost every surface you can imagine. The masking tape can be used at every workplace and job site as it leaves no residue when removed. It is a cost-effective and pressure-sensitive product that holds and seals everything perfectly, providing superior adhesion for 14 hours.


  • Furniture: REHAU Masking tape is engineered to embrace securely to different furniture materials, crafting it an ideal furniture tape and an excellent choice for carpentry projects, repairs or modifications.
  • Hardware: Whether you are packaging items together and looking for a box packing tape or need a reliable tape for your hardware projects, our masking tape delivers excellent adhesion and performance.
  • Paints: Achieve accuracy in your painting projects with the comfortable nature of our masking tape, maintaining sharp edges and easy removal without any residue transfer


  • Wide range of application
  • Masking, splicing, bundling and packaging
  • Conforms to all surfaces
  • No residue transfer on removal

Wide Range of Applications: From masking during painting tasks to splicing materials, this packing and shipping tape is a versatile solution for all the various needs.
Whether you're bundling items for storage or securing packages for shipping, this tape ensures reliability and convenience in a variety of applications.

Conforms to All Surfaces: Regardless of the surface texture or material, REHAU Masking Tape easily conforms, providing an established hold without compromising on flexibility.

● No Residue Transfer on Removal: Enjoy the convenience of removing the tape without having to worry about sticky residue, leaving surfaces clean and damage-free.

Sizes available

  • Width                      18mm and 24mm
  • Length                     20m and 40m

Choose the perfect width and length of these white packing tape for your specific requirements.

● Width: Available in 18mm and 24mm, catering to different project needs.

● Length: Choose from 20m and 40m rolls, ensuring you have sufficient supply for various tasks.



●    Commonly available in a neutral off-white or beige color; often referred to as white tape rolls.

Who can Use this Packing Tape?

●    Carpenters
●    DIY enthusiasts
●    Professionals alike

Why Choose Masking Tape by REHAU?

Invest in the reliability and performance of REHAU Masking Tape for all your packing, bundling and sealing needs. Our pressure-sensitive adhesive ensures superior adhesion for up to 14 hours, also the masking tape cost is very affordable, making it the perfect choice.

REHAU has been a revolutionary force in global polymer manufacturing for over 75 years. Since establishing roots in India in 1997, REHAU embodies German engineering excellence, producing high-quality and innovative polymer solutions that redefine everyday living.

Discover the freedom of precise adhesion – choose REHAU Masking Tape for your next project.


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