RAUVARIO Plinth Systems

Give that final touch to your luxurious kitchen!

Plinth Systems

The kitchen is the heart of every home, where we cook, eat, and socialise. It is also a place where we need smart and stylish solutions to optimise the available space and enhance functionality.
REHAU’s Plinth System, named the RAUVARIO series, offers solutions for intelligent kitchen design by utilising the space under the cabinets. With durable and elegant plinth covers, legs, and accessories, they provide easy access, extra storage, and aesthetic appeal. Highlighting their quality, the Plinth Systems are crafted from high-grade PVC material, ensuring resilience against water, heat, and wear and tear.

Why Plinths are Used?

Plinths, often overlooked, serve as the foundation for elevating the visual appeal of furniture and cabinetry. These elements bring several benefits, including:

  • Concealing gaps and irregularities for a seamless look
  • Adding a decorative touch to the base of cabinets
  • Providing structural support to furniture
  • Safeguarding against dust and dirt accumulation

Plinth Systems

Plinth Cover: Plinth cover provides sleek and modern skirting option for your kitchen cabinets. This trendy kitchen skirting brings a touch of elegance, making your cabinets look really nice.

Plinth Legs: Plinth legs provides sturdy and adjustable support to your kitchen base units. Get the perfect balance of strength and adaptability, ensuring stability and a tailored fit for your kitchen setup. You can choose from our various options for PVC skirting for the kitchen, which are easy to clean and maintain, or our aluminium skirting, which gives an elegant look.

Plinth Accessories: Explore a range of innovative solutions for your kitchen plinth spaces. From drawers for added storage convenience to lights, heaters, and vents, these plinth accessories enhance functionality while maintaining a seamless and stylish kitchen design.

Why Choose REHAU?

Choosing REHAU for your Plinth Systems means opting for excellence, innovation, and commitment to quality. Here's why:

Precision Engineering: Our plinth products are engineered with precision, ensuring a perfect fit and long-lasting performance.

Design Versatility: From modern aesthetics to classic charm, REHAU Plinth Systems offers versatile design options to suit every style.

Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, our plinths are built to withstand the test of time.
Innovative Solutions: We help you to stay ahead in the world of design with REHAU's innovative plinth solutions that set the standard for functional elegance.

Whether you need kitchen solutions like Plinth Systems or any other, REHAU comes with a trusted name in crafting innovative solutions for Urban Living. Our Plinth Systems perfectly combine aesthetics, functionality and quality.


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