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Water Supply – RAUTITAN

Water Supply with RAUTITAN

RAUTITAN water services system was developed in collaboration with industry professionals to meet the needs of both designer, developer and installer. Based on the advanced compression sleeve jointing technology the RAUTITAN system provides a robust, reliable and simple connection and the highest standards in hygiene, comfort and lifecycle costs.

The strength and flexibility of cross-linked high-density polyethylene (PE-Xa) pipes used together with a complete range of RAUTITAN MX (DZR Brass) and RAUTITAN PX (polymer PPSU) fittings makes RAUTITAN a superior system for both residential and commercial applications.

The RAUTITAN system is easier to use, faster and more economical while delivering uncompromising security, hygiene and comfort.

Reasons to use RAUTITAN

  • 100% Leak-proof joints Reduce workmanship fault
  • Reduce > 30% joints
  • Up to 60% faster installation
  • No hot work and electricity required
  • No scaling
  • 4x lesser noise / water hammer
  • Heat resistant up to 100°C
  • Service life > 50 years
  • 100% from Germany
  • Get 3 points for BCA Constructability Scores of AMEP System*

    *For every use of flexible pipes for domestic water system, 3 points is given if usage ≥ 80% of total pipe length. (For Singapore only)
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No More Adaptor or Teflon Tape
RAUTITAN gate valves are featured with unique REHAU compression sleeve connection joint that can create a permanently sealed to our PEX pipes. The RAUTITAN compression sleeve joint is a simple, robust and reliable connection

100% DZR Brass
The valve carries an embossed “DZ” mark that confirmed the body and all components in contact with water are made of the highest quality dezincification resistance brass to achieve long-term corrosion resistance

REHAU Prestige Quality
The valves have been tested according to the requirement specified in the BS EN 5451 and of course REHAU’s own stringent quality requirement.

20 Bar Pressure Resistance
The valves are designed to connect to RAUTITAN PEX system , a single PN20 piping system for hot and cold water application.

Up to 200% Faster Installation
Without using threaded adaptor, the chance of improper Teflon Tape sealing is completely eliminated. Furthermore, time is saved

Excellent Flow
Gate valve is the better choice compare to Stop/Globe valve for unobstructed flow as it allows bidirectional straight-line flow of water but the latter has baffle that restricts flow. 


Engineering progress

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