RAUCORD Weaving Materials

Carefree Outdoor Living

RAUCORD is a premium synthetic weaving material suitable for all kinds of applications including outdoor and indoor furniture as well as garden and home accessories.

The material is manufactured using renowned German engineering know-how and production technology. REHAU has been active in polymer processing since 1948 and is one of the pioneers in designing and supplying all-weather rattan with over ten years of experience in this field.
Due to its superior characteristics, RAUCORD weaving material offers a carefree outdoor experience:

  • UV resistant
  • Weatherproof and temperature resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Maintenance-free and easy to clean
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Colourfast and scratch-free

Timeless Elegance

The RAUCORD classic range offers a variety of exciting single-tone colours equipped with a special UV stabiliser, which ensures the colour does not pale or fade over time. The range of classic colours in the collection ensures a match from the modestly traditional to the most modern of homes.

24.10.2020 RAUCORD Colour Card Classic

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Living with Nature

True colours
Designed to resemble natural materials with their warm and surprising allure. The RAUCORD Natural range consists of a wide selection of colours such as the popular Cappuccino, Java Brown and Coffee Brown. The range is sturdy and features homogeneous colours throughout the weave which prevents colour peeling if surface scratches occur.

Unique natural colour effect
With RAUCORD’s three unique colour strands, you can create a distinctive look of your own. By weaving various patterns and combinations of dark, medium and light strands together, you can customise various natural looks to suit your design or application.

24.10.2020 RAUCORD Colour Card Natural

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Naturally Twisted

Twist and merge into one
Individual profiles twist into one shape resulting in a very natural weave, leaving an impression of the exceptional Asian abaca material.

RAUCORD Abaca collection provides the same natural effect indoors and out, but without the mold and wear. The abaca look not only creates an exotic ambience but also lends a touch of elegance to any kind of setting.

Coloured through look
A homogeneous coloured-through look as opposed to surface-printed prevents the furniture from colour peeling. In addition, the multi-colour twist adds an exceptional look to the design of the furniture or accessory.

24.10.2020 RAUCORD Colour Card Creative Abaca

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Natural Appeal

The Pulut collection is a fascinating REHAU development reaching a new level of design appeal. Replicating the unique colour and surface effects of the most sought after natural rattan, makes RAUCORD pulut a prestigious weaving material. This material enables you to build durable furniture with a stunning close-to-natural “Look and Feel”.

RAUCORD Pulut is also available in a “Light” version with higher flexibility and economical weight reduction.

24.10.2020 RAUCORD Colour Card Creative Pulut

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The Latest in Weaving Fashion

Metallic shimmer effect
Putting the sparkle into furniture without compromising on the quality. RAUCORD assures that despite the glitter in the design of the Metallic collection, its performance and durability is retained. This gives any interior or outdoor decór a shiny modern feel.

24.10.2020 RAUCORD Colour Card Creative Trend

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Design with a Twist

Innovative patented design
The RAUCORD Loom collection features the 360-degree twisted effect which makes it a true look-alike to the original paper loom. With RAUCORD Loom, you can have furniture that recreates the elegance of paper loom and bears the trademark sturdiness of high-quality RAUCORD. All this is made possible with the patented design development from REHAU.

Maintenance free - even outdoors
Unlike paper loom, our loom material features the known ‘no-maintenance’ RAUCORD quality. Non-fading colours ensure the furniture stays as new even in harsh outdoor conditions without any need for post production treatment.

24.10.2020 RAUCORD Colour Card Creative Loom

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Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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