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Roller Shutter - RAUVOLET

In the world of interior design, everyone is looking for solutions that are both sophisticated and flexible. New-age residents want spaces that effortlessly mix style and functionality, creating a harmonious balance between living and working.

REHAU’s Tambour Door, named the RAUVOLET series, represents solutions for smart living by offering efficient space utilization. With smooth and quiet operation, they provide convenient access, saving up to 30% more space compared to traditional swing doors. A testament to durability, These Roller Shutter doors are designed for long-lasting performance, making them a practical choice for contemporary living.

RAUVOLET product family:

● RAUVOLET noble Matt: Elegance and functionality for your storage spaces

RAUVOLET flipdoor: Seamlessly blending practicality and elegance

RAUVOLET vetro Line 2.0: A symphony of glass and design

RAUVOLET crystal Line Neo: Reimagining glass elegance

RAUVOLET metallic Line Frame 4: A unique fusion of materials
RAUVOLET crystal Line 2.0: Contemporary glass design

RAUVOLET easy Line: Effortless elegance for ultra-modern living

RAUVOLET e-23: Variety of solutions for vertical and horizontal applications

Profiles and Accessories:

Our Tambour door profiles set the standard for an exquisite design showcase. With an extensive range of 12mm and 8mm, including special metallic-line 50 and vetro-line options, REHAU is the perfect fit for your project. One can enhance the interiors with the right tambour door accessories, featuring elegant bow handles, recessed handles, cam locks, and essential tapes for a seamless finish.

Mechanism and Track Systems:

Select from our diverse selection of mechanisms and track systems to redefine how you interact with your lovingly living spaces. The CLASSIC track system, Top running track, Top Basic track system and frame4 track system offer customised solutions for horizontal cupboards, each designed with a focus on efficiency, ease of installation and aesthetic appeal. Enhance your interiors with our reliable tambour door mechanisms, including the C3 installation kit and C-box cassette system.

Why choose a Tambour Door System?

● Wide Range of Applications: From home kitchens to stunning hotel storage spaces, Our RAUVOLET product family caters to various environments, ensuring a tambour door for every setting.

● Customisable Designs: Show your creativity with our tambour doors. Each product offers unique design features and customisable options.

● Space Saving Solutions: Ideal for modern living, our roller shutters save space by eliminating the need for folding, hinged, or sliding doors, providing a clutter-free and visually appealing environment.

● Innovative Mechanism: Our tambour door mechanism ensures smooth operation, perfect balancing and hassle-free installation, reflecting our commitment to quality.

Whether you need storage solutions like Wardrobe Shutter Doors or any other, REHAU comes with a trusted name in crafting innovative solutions for Urban Living. Our Roller Shutter doors perfectly combine aesthetics, functionality and durability. 

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