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When it comes to interior design, sophisticated, stylish and flexible solutions are right at the top of the wish list. Whether you’re looking to create a unique look or a fusion of living and work space, today’s residents expect interiors that are a perfect match for their lifestyles. And they need to be compact too, as the continuing mega-trend towards urban living means that more and more people are sharing the same space.

Whether at home, at work, or in shops, REHAU’s comprehensive tambour door range lets you unleash your creativity and turn ordinary furniture into unique masterpieces guaranteed to impress. At the same time, tambour door solutions can also do the opposite: They can hide objects and functional spaces, and reveal them again when they are needed. They can transform an office into a living room in an instant, or make a wardrobe disappear behind a decorative surface. This allows one room to fulfil multiple functions at the same time – and it saves space too, since there are no folding, hinged or sliding doors to get in the way.

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