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As a sustainable automotive industry partner, REHAU Automotive is renowned for providing comprehensive automotive solutions to car manufacturers globally. With over 70 years of experience and German engineering at our core, we specialize in developing automobile products that are both design-defining and functional. Our commitment extends to reducing emissions from our production worldwide to zero by 2027 and offering zero-emission products based on customer agreements.
We are dedicated to delivering sustainable processes for our customers and cooperation partners, blending quality with efficiency, safety with comfort, and aesthetics with technical ingenuity.

Our Automotive Products

1. Car Bumper Systems

Our bumper systems go beyond mere collision protection. Designed to shape the vehicle's exterior, they integrate various functions and safety technologies seamlessly. From parking-assist systems to short-range radars, our bumper systems prioritise safety without compromising aesthetics. With over 500,000 different colours and trim variants, our bumper systems offer unparalleled customisation options.

2. Car Exterior Systems

Our exterior systems are functional and visually striking, enhancing the vehicle’s overall design. We develop, produce, and paint various parts, from rear spoilers to fenders, to create a cohesive and appealing exterior. Our focus on ecological and economic sustainability means our polymer system solutions contribute to weight savings and improved aerodynamics, ultimately reducing fuel consumption.

3. Car Functional Systems

Our functional systems ensure efficient airflow and comfort throughout the vehicle's interior. From dashboards to footwells, our polymer air ducts provide clean and safe air exchange without adding unnecessary weight. Designed for two and four-zone air conditioning, our systems deliver comfort without compromise while reducing CO2 emissions and preventing unwanted noise from entering the vehicle space.

Supply Chain Management

Our holistic approach to logistics ensures our high-quality system components arrive exactly where and when they're needed. By linking the supply chain with detailed logistics processes, we meet individual requirements with agility, flexibility, and innovation. Our focus on Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-in-Sequence (JIS) deliveries guarantees reliability and efficiency for our customers.


Our commitment to innovation shines through in projects like the Seamless Intelligent Vehicle Front, where we're redefining the delivery of complete automotive solutions and safety standards by seamlessly integrating components into a cohesive system. With enhanced safety features such as improved visibility and advanced sensor technology, we're leading the charge towards a safer and more intelligent driving experience.


At REHAU Automotive, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to living sustainability in our organisation, taking responsibility for our environmental impact, and conserving natural resources. We are working towards a low-carbon automotive industry and a brighter future for future generations through energy-efficient production and renewable energy sources.

Join us on our journey to revolutionise the automotive industry with innovative solutions prioritising sustainability, safety, and comfort. Experience the difference with REHAU Automotive.

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