Concealed Hinges 

Engineered for Confident Closures

Concealed Hinges

B-Type Hinges

The most versatile hinge with an integrated damping technology provides a premium and reliable damping function on a slide-on hinge family.

  • One for all 
  • Reliable open-close throughout 80,000 cycles 
  • Low 11.5mm hinge cup depth 
  • Smooth and consistent damping performance

B-type-i3 is the 3rd Generation of the slide-on hinge with a damping technology that is seamlessly integrated into the hinge cup to deliver a consistent and reliable opening and closing performance throughout the entire life of the furniture. An extended lifecycle makes it an appropriate solution for several cabinet applications in bedrooms, kitchens, offices and bathrooms.

Rectangle 219 (2) - 1094086

Opening Angle:                                 110°
Cranking:                                            0mm, 9mm, 15mm, angled
Door Thickness:                                15-22mm
Mounting Mode:                               Slide-on
Mounting plate type:                       Cruciform
Mounting plate height:                    0mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm
Soft closing options:                        Damping integrated in the hinge cup
Durability (cycles):                            80000

Reliable open-close throughout 80,000 cycles

The damping know-how of a premium T-type hinge has transferred to a B-type slide-on hinge assuring that the door closes even after a decade of usage. B-type-i3 concealed hinge enables cabinet manufacturers to offer a best-in-class lifelong consistent soft-closing to their customers.

Low 11mm hinge cup depth

While the damper is an integrated part of the hinge cup, this hinge still has only 11mm hinge cup depth and allows comfortable installation on doors with thicknesses from 15 to 22mm. The relevance of this is that all the most used applications in volume cabinet segments are covered.

Furthermore, damping integrated into the cup means the whole range of crankings and corner hinges is efficiently enabled.
Versatility - wide range of overlays and crankings.

Consistent performance

Bounceless and consistent performance on various door sizes and weights. A new generation MultiStage damper technology guarantees a controlled damping action of various door sizes and weights, without the need for damping adjustment.

Consumer preferred door closing

Titus Glissando hinge damping provides a ConfidentClose, consumer-preferred way of soft closing action. It is characterized by fast closing, late start of deceleration action, and quiet landing with SoftTouch.

M00-D1731_CL - 1097676

T-Type Hinges

Designed for a lifetime of consistent performance.

  • 100,000 cycles – guarantee of a furniture lifetime consistent performance 
  • 3 Way snap-on’ – ease of assembly and time savings at cabinet assembly 
  • ConfidentClose – life-long consistent soft closing on doors up to 34mm 
  • Highly tolerant – reliable and consistent door closing even in case of accidental misalignment
Rectangle 219 (4) - 1093770

T-type hinge enables time-savings at cabinet assembly and assures a life-long performance with Confident Close. A long-lasting, consistent performance of 100,000 cycles is especially important for thicker and heavier cabinet doors where sagging is an issue. Its key features are simplicity of assembly, wide tolerances, and reliable soft closing on a wide range of doors. 3 Way snap-on intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting (top, front, and back) makes installation a breeze, especially on tall doors, as it significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to assemble a kitchen. T-type is designed to provide ConfidentClose, a consumer-preferred way of soft closing of the door: fast closing, late start of deceleration action, and quiet landing with SoftTouch.

Opening Angle:                                95°, 110°, 120°, 170°
Hinge cup drilling depth:               12mm
Hinge cup drilling pattern:            45/9.5mm
Hinge arms:                                       Full overlay, half overlay, inset, angled
3Way mounting plate type:          Cruciform, linear
3Way mounting plate height:       0-1-2-3-4 mm
Soft closing options:                       Damping integrated in the hinge cup, Glissando add-on or stand-alone damping solutions

Titus damper Inside

The core element of soft-close systems is the proprietary multi-purpose hydraulic damper of Titus. It assures soft and silent closing in tens of millions of doors and drawers all over the world. Its modular design guarantees a reliable and consistent damping performance in a wide range of applications.

T-type high-performance hinge

The new concealed hinge with integrated soft closing is the perfect solution for high-end kitchens. It provides a lifetime of consistent performance for a lifetime of consumer satisfaction. Its intuitive, tool-free mounting system saves valuable time in cabinet assembly.

T-type Pie-Cut Corner Hinge

The new hinge for kitchen corner cabinets has a double lock opening system that provides seamless opening without taking up space or hitting adjacent cabinets.

T-type bedroom T-type 95 Concealed Hinge for Thick Doors

Hinge with integrated or add-on hinge soft closing for application on doors of a 16-34mm thickness.

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