REHAU Doors & Windows

Increase Energy Efficiency With uPVC Windows and Doors

With windows made from REHAU profiles, the heat stays outside the building - thanks to their very good thermal insulation properties. That ensures not only a comfortable living climate, but also lower cooling bills from air conditioning and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Windows made from REHAU profiles are suitable for low energy houses and energy-conscious renovation of older buildings.

Top-Performing, Sustainable uPVC Window and Door Designs

High-performance uPVC windows and doors outperform the alternatives in thermal ratings. uPVC is a natural insulator, sealing cooled air inside your building structure. Always pushing the boundaries of innovation, REHAU makes the most intelligent use of increasingly scarce raw materials, while delivering window and door designs that perform at the top of industry standards for thermal insulation, sound insulation and burglary resistance.


Window Systems

Replacing older windows with high efficiency uPVC ones can save up to 20% in energy used to heat and cool a home 123

Door Systems

Got a new construction or remodeling project? Enhance the beauty and energy efficiency of any residence with ...