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RAUKANTEX tools give you innovative solutions for every stage of the edging process.

KM08R Portable edgebander + box

KM08R portable edgebander is compact and lightweight machine suitable for factory or on site processing.
This unit can be used in various format such as hand held edgebander, converting to table edgebander by mounting it to a working table or as simple as using it right out of the box where a small platform is integrated for processing of smaller panels.

It has a fixed feed speed of 4m/min for easy handling and suitable for edgeband, 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm in thickness and 10 mm to 40 mm in width.

FR 256 R Power Edgeband Router

FR 256R power edgeband router trim edge band effortlessly with its powerful motor (750 W) and electronic speed adjustment. The electronic control maintain a speed constant independently than the working load. Dust collector connection and three bases (hole Ø 20, 26 and 30 mm) for using with bits of different diameters. Standard units are equipped with a carbide bit r=3 mm with bearing with optional bits are available for several different radius.

RC 21 E Manual End Trimmer

It allows a perfect, clean and high quality cut on all the corners of the board. No other finishing operations are needed. 
Equipped with twin use blades. For trimming PVC, melamine, Polyester, veneer, etc. up to 0.8mm thickness. 

Optional accessories:
Spare blades

RC 321S Guillotine

For cutting the excess of PVC, melamine, polyester, veneer, etc. tapes up to 45 mm width and 3 mm thick at both ends of panel. It provides a clean and exact cut, avoiding to damage the panel already banded. The guillotine system allows to cut the tape without effort. The blades can be sharpened. Possibility to regulate the cutting position. It enables precise angular cutting up to 60º. 

Spare blades:

  • Movable blade
  • Fixed blade

AU 93 Manual Edge Trimmer

Cuts both sides simultaneously. For edges up to 40 mm. For larger edges, it can be used as two independent edge trimmers. 
Top quality long life blades which are easy to replace once worn.

Optional accessories
Spare Blades

SFV 150 Vacuum Table

The vacuum table SFV50 is ideal for a quick fastening of the panel.
One clamp screw is included as standard equipment to fix the table to the workbench. It is an efficient system to hold the panel and work in a comfortable way on all its edges. The vacuum table must be used with clean, smooth and non porous panels only. It is possible to hold panels in horizontal or vertical position. Using several vacuum tables it is possible to hold larger panels.


You can use RAUKANTEX Foliex to remove protective foil quickly and easily from any edgeband.

RAUKANTEX Foliex is exceptionally easy to use, and requires minimal physical strength.


After milling radii with the RAUKANTEX external or internal planes, use the RAUKANTEX finisher.

The tool’s special mixture of sisal and textile fibres makes it ideal for smoothing edgebands, removing any tell-tale signs of processing, and cleaning away any extraneous material.

Glue applicator

Glue applicator is for smooth and uniform application of glue.

  • Main unit - ABS
  • Base stand
  • 1 set with roller, plus one spare roller
  • Roller width: 150 - 122 mm

REHAU Masking Tape

Superior quality adhesion

General purpose masking tape
The robust tape for everyday jobs, REHAU masking tape can be used on almost all surfaces and gets removed easily without leaving any residue. It can be used at all workplaces and job sites. REHAU masking tape is a cost effective and pressure sensitive product that holds and seals perfectly, providing superior quality adhesion for 14 hours .


  • Wide range of applications
  • Masking, splicing, bundling and packaging
  • Conforms to all surfaces
  • No residue transfer on removal

Sizes available:

  • Width 18 mm and 24 mm
  • Length 20 m and 40 m

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