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Protect the Protector 

Exterior Wall Cladding

RAUSHELL bravura®

The four walls around you withstand every challenge to protect you against external adversities. Every home, every building, and every piece of architecture symbolizes safety. To ensure the security of your safekeeper, REHAU has introduced a one-of-a-kind product, RAUSHELL bravura® Exterior Wall Cladding.

RAUSHELL bravura® enhances the aesthetic look and increases the durability of the building's exterior. The high-quality exterior facade panel provides a lightweight and strong solution against every external challenge, natural or human. RAUSHELL bravura® helps you modernize your building's exterior with imaginative styling and brilliant designs. With a variety of colors to offer, you get an amazing range of the best building exterior that can fit seamlessly with other materials.

Product Composition: HPL Compact

The exterior decorative panels are engineered by impregnating a large amount of Kraft paper which has ‘resin-absorbing' capabilities. The product is further pressed under a high temperature of 180o–220o Celsius and a pressure of a hefty 120kg/cm2.

                 RAUSHELL bravura exploded view of sheet - 1111476

Protect the Protector

uv rays resistance-01 - 1090685

Impact resistant-01 - 1090684

Fire retardant-01 - 1090688

Easy to clean & low maintenance-01 - 1090689

                  UV RAYS RESISTANT

                  IMPACT RESISTANT

                          FIRE RETARDANT


Wear & abrasion resistance-01 - 1090680

Weather resistance - 1090679


                   WEATHER RESISTANT

Good chemical resistance-01 - 1090687

Wide range of colours-01 - 1090678

                  CHEMICAL RESISTANT

                   WIDE RANGE OF COLORS

Termite resistance-01 - 1090681

Scratch resistance-01 - 1090682

                    TERMITE RESISTANT

                      SCRATCH RESISTANT

Graffiti resistant-01 - 1090686

Non corrosive panel-01 - 1090683

                      GRAFFITI RESISTANT


Application scope:

RAUSHELL Bravura® wall cladding can be used on a variety of external surface and adds a fresh layer of protection to variety of sites. Let’s have a look at the possibilities of using Bravura cladding for different sites of your building:

                                                Diagram Layout - 1096340

Redefine your Exteriors:

Commercial_Spaces-01 - 1090676

Hotels_and_Resorts-01 - 1090674

Residencies-01 - 1090673

Commercial Spaces

Revamp your commercial spaces like hospitals, schools, and industrial properties by adding the protection of RAUSHELL Bravura with characteristics like resistance from fire, highly prone chemicals, and harsh solutions.

Hotels and Resorts

Putting RAUSHELL Bravura’s EWC on the walls of Hotels and Resorts not only provides you with the option to choose from a wide range of colour options but is also easy to clean and doesn’t ask for frequent maintenance.


RAUSHELL Bravura exterior wall cladding has a variety of options to give your home the kind of look you want. Choose from a range of vintage to modern touches for a perfect feel along with the assurance of added termite and weather-resistant technology.

Shopping malls-01 - 1090671

Retail shops-01 - 1090672

Corporate offices-01 - 1090675

Shopping malls

RAUSHELL Bravura’s non-corrosive panels provide durability to the outers of shopping malls against corrosive agents out in the air. Moreover, EWC comes with UV rays resistant attribute which prevents discoloring of EWCs even after exposure to sunlight for a longer time.

Retail shops

RAUSHELL Bravura suits best for covering the walls of retail shops. The EWC has Wear and Abrasion Resistance attributes which provide a longer lifespan for your walls. Also, Bravura allows you to clean any writings on its panel using the recommended cleaning agent.

Corporate offices

Keep your office clean and tidy as Bravura incapacitates with termite and scratch-resistant features as it includes a good amount of elasticity due to the modified phenolic resin which secures your wall claddings from antedated maintenance.


HOTEL_V2 - 1111471
RES_V2 - 1111535
5 - 1090662
RETAIL_V10 - 1111465
HOSP_01 - 1111532


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