To Learn the Unlearnt: Vital for Whisking the Women Empowerment : Bhavana Bindra


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“It is not just about hiring women in an organization to manage gender equality, but making sure that they are felt included in the organization to achieve the best out of her,” shares Bhavana Bindra, Managing Director of REHAU South Asia in an exclusive interaction with Machine Maker, opened her thoughts about women in Indian manufacturing.

“If there is a right intent, there is a possibility of making both men and women work equally, thus overcoming gender iclusiveness and bringing more women into the manufacturing sector,” says Bhavana. Recalling her days at Cummins, when a CEO of an automotive OEM told Bhavana that she was the first woman to sell him engines, Bhavana finds that she has paved the path for other women to believe in their potential to excel in the manufacturing sector.

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