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The GENEO window system by REHAU has been awarded "Product of the Year 2019" by Callwey Verlag company. 

Windows for modern architecture:

GENEO system from REHAU named Product of the Year 2019 by Callwey Architekturverlag.


The GENEO range of fibre-reinforced windows, developed by polymer specialists REHAU, combines stability and sustainable use of materials with outstanding energy efficiency and maximum design freedom for architects. Specialist architecture publisher Callwey has just awarded the window system the title of Product of the Year 2019.

A highly-respected panel of judges from the architecture and media sectors named REHAU’s GENEO window system the winner of the Windows category in Callwey’s inaugural Product of the Year awards. Over the last decade, polymer specialists REHAU have produced more than 50,000 kilometres of their high-tech fibre-composite window profiles. The new generation of the GENEO system was only introduced to the market this year and features the latest development of REHAU’s RAU-FIPRO X material, making the system even better than before. “Our highly-developed materials expertise allows us to create flexible, smart window systems that meet the most demanding standards in terms of design and aesthetics,” explains REHAU’s Director of Marketing for Window Solutions, Peter Kotzur. “The award is further proof of this, because homes that win Callwey Verlag awards are the acknowledged benchmark for quality in the German-speaking world.”

Endless possibilities for architects

In REHAU’s GENEO window profile system, the patented RAU-FIPRO X profile core combines with an optimised profile design and our built-in IVS reinforcement system to provide maximum stability, with no need for steel reinforcement. This in turn means no thermal bridges, allowing GENEO to achieve a U-value of up to 0.79 W/m²K and reduce energy consumption by up to 76%. What’s more, thanks to its high-tech RAU-FIPRO material, REHAU has redefined the art of the possible when it comes to window sizes. For example, due to the specially designed composite material, floor-to-ceiling windows up to 2.80 metres tall and 1.60 metres wide can be created – dimensions that used to be unthinkable without aluminium profiles. It sets a new benchmark for coloured frame designs too, with heights of up to 2.70 metres available.

REHAU’s KALEIDO COLOR creative range, boasting over 400 designs, gives architects more freedom than ever before to create perfect windows. By combining the aluminium cladding with a profile from the KALEIDO WOODEC range, designers can give their windows a classy look with a blend of aluminium and wood-effect elements. KALEIDO WOODEC looks and feels like wood, as well as being durable and easy to maintain.

The GENEO system can easily incorporate a range of intelligent REHAU solutions, including Smart Guard security technology and our INOVENT intelligent ventilation system. Our high-tech RAU-FIPRO material is also helping REHAU to play its part in sustainable construction, right from initial production. We recover profile sections and second-hand windows made from RAU-FIPRO as part of our ECO PULS recycling programme, allowing the fibre-reinforced plastic window profiles to be reprocessed and reused.

On display until late November

All of Callwey’s Products of the Year 2019 will be on display at the German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt am Main until 24 November 2019.

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Peter Kotzur, Marketing Director for Window Solutions by REHAU, receives the „Product of the Year 2019“ award for GENEO window systems. The award is presented by Dr. Marcella Prior-Callwey, CEO of the Callwey Verlag company.

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